Joe Rogan sheds light on carcinogenic asbestos contained in talc during the “JRE” podcast

AUSTIN, TEXAS: During Episode 2061 of the “JRE” Podcast with Whitney Cummings, Joe Rogan explored the topic of asbestos in baby powder and its potential dangers to humans.

Known as one of the most influential podcasts in the world, Joe Rogan’s “JRE” regularly features discussions with a wide range of celebrities, including Snoop Dogg, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Elon Musk and others.

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Joe Rogan discusses the harmful effects of asbestos in talc

During a discussion with comedian and actress Whitney Cummings, Joe Rogan raised the issue of asbestos in talc.

Cummings said: “We used to say [talcum] in underwear before basketball games. There were 50,000 lawsuits and they (a talc company) paid, I think, 8 or 9 billion, which is probably nothing to them, other than women getting ovarian cancer from because of the asbestos it contains. »

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Rogan added: “Yes, that’s what I was reading, that talc and asbestos are often in the same place and they don’t filter it well. They don’t even test if the talc contains asbestos .”

Joe Rogan read an article on Google that stated: “Since talc and asbestos are minerals found in close proximity to each other during talc mining, they may contain traces of asbestos. Talcum powder is still an ingredient in several cosmetic brands. As recently as November 2020, a study found that 14% of talc-containing makeup tested also contained asbestos.

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“It’s wild,” Rogan added.

Internet reacts to Joe Rogan’s discussion of asbestos in talc

People also seemed to agree with what Rogan said during the podcast.

One user wrote in the comments section of the video: “Now imagine if you started claiming in the 80s that baby powder poisoned you and caused cancer. You would be mocked and humiliated.”

Another person wrote: “My mother used talcum powder for years, was eventually diagnosed with cancer and died 18 months later. I am still pursuing the trial because she was adamant about getting a verdict that they were wrong. I really don’t care about the compensation since she can’t get it.”

One person added: “People need to protect themselves and be prepared to rebel against the evil that rules the world. »

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a natural mineral used in various products for its heat-resistant and insulating properties.

Because of the potential health risks associated with asbestos, its presence in talcum powder products has sparked concern and lawsuits.

Many manufacturers have taken steps to ensure that their talc products are free of asbestos, and regulatory authorities monitor and regulate the safety of these products.

Consumers are advised to use talc products with caution and choose those labeled as asbestos-free.

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