Joe Rogan reveals UFC player will get bonus to ‘help pay his divorce bills’, fans say ‘It’s a bit sad’

AUSTIN, TEXAS: After Jessica Andrade’s victory at UFC 295, Joe Rogan made light of the fact that she would receive a bonus to “help pay the divorce bills.”

On November 11, the 32-year-old Brazilian became the first individual to finish ahead of 30-year-old Mackenzie Dern at Madison Square Garden.

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She managed to score a second-round TKO victory after numerous knockdowns.

Joe Rogan’s Commentary on Jessica Andrade’s Fight Victory at UFC 295

In Octagon’s post-fight interview, Rogan spoke with Jessica Andrade and concluded by saying, “Well, I hope you get a bonus tonight to help pay off some of these divorce bills .”

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Notably, the veteran commentator was only responding to remarks Andrade made before the fight, in which she stated that his split from ex-wife Fernanda Gomes was the reason she was competing five times in 2023.

“This year I had my divorce which cost me a lot of money to pay lawyers and other things here and there, so I ended up taking five fights,” Andrade said on the Trocacao podcast Franca from MMA Fighting.

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“It will be over this year, God willing, and everything will be fine. [I fought five times in 2023] because of that, because of the divorce. I had to spend a lot of money on lawyers in Brazil, it’s too much bureaucracy,” she added.

Internet reacts to Joe Rogan’s comment about Jessica Andrade

Many fans were surprised by Joe Rogan’s comment. One user wrote: “Joe is Joe,” while another user said: “It’s a bit sad if she still has to fight to pay her divorce.”

A screenshot of comments on the video (@skmmma/Youtube)
A screenshot of comments on the video (@skmmma/Youtube)

One user also mentioned: “Nice fight .gal .shut up Joe.!!” Meanwhile, one of them mentioned: “Joe thinks it’s Riki Lake.”

A user also said, “Here’s your answer that UFC doesn’t pay fighters like they should that’s why big fighters are moving to another organization, here’s your answer.”

A screenshot of comments on the video (@skmmma/Youtube)
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