Jiji scandal explained: Twitter reacts to the Jiji scandal

If you are actively using social media platforms, you must have heard of the Jiji scandal. Now, what is this scandal and why have social media platforms been buzzing with this news lately? People are showing their interest in this viral news and people want to know every detailed case. There are many people who do not know this term. Basically, Jiji is the name of the character from the famous Nigerian TV series titled “The Johnsons”.

Jiji Scandal

The Jiji scandal explained

The role of Jiji is played by actress Olajumoke Olatunde and has become the subject of the recent or latest scandal that has taken the web by storm. Now, through this article, we are sharing the details of this case and hope to provide all the details that we know about this scandal. This scandal started when the music video for an episode titled “The Johnsons” went viral on social media. In the viral clip, Jiji was seen involved in a sex act with the married man. Now the role of the married man was played by co-actor Samuel Ajibola.

Jiji Scandal

This clip went viral on social media and garnered a lot of attention as well as controversy. The admirers of this series or the actress were not used to watching such bold and explicit content on their screens and they are not happy about it. Someone posted this video online and it is not taking any more time and also going viral on other social media platforms. Now, this viral video has sparked a heated debate about morality and the portrayal of private scenes in TV series. Many people also claim that it is not fair to show such scenes on TV because usually children have watched TV and such kind of scene can have negative impact.

Jiji Scandal

Now, because of that, this video is trending on social media and accumulating a lot of attention. There are many people looking for Jiji Scandal. There are many other reasons why this video went viral on social media, the first thing is that it featured a famous character from a popular TV series involved in a taboo act. 2nd thing, the viral video controversy has sparked the debate over the role of sex in the Nigerian entertainment industry and now is high time to set boundaries for such shows. People are giving mixed responses to this viral video. Some criticize it and claim that it is not fair to show such scenes in a family show. While some claim that it is a realistic portrayal of Nigerian society and that sex is a natural part of everyone’s life.

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