Jiji Plays Viral Video Telegram Scandal Explained: Knowing the Real Truth

For 2 days, the “Jiji scandal” has been attracting a lot of attention. People are quite shocked and amazed after watching the video and criticizing the actress portrayed in it. This video has divided social media into 2 parts, part 1 criticizes them and part 2 supports them. This scandal created a lot of buzz on social media in a week and the reason it went viral is because of its explicit content. This video particularly depicts an inappropriate scene and it is not someone’s private video, in fact it is part of an episode of a popular Nigerian TV show. The name Jiji is actually the name of the character from a Nigerian TV show called “The Johnsons”.

Jiji Scandal

Jiji plays viral video telegram scandal

This role is played by the famous actress Olajumoke Olatunde and it is also one of the factors of virality of this video. Now the actress has become part of the controversy, and many people criticize her. Now, there are many people who still don’t know why the video is going viral and why people are criticizing the actress. The report states that this controversy started when the clip of “The Johnsons” episode was uploaded and due to its explicit content, it spread like wildfire across the web.

Jiji Scandal

What exactly is depicted in the viral video?

Reports indicate that the viral video shows character Jiji involved in an act of sexual intimacy with the married man. The role of the married man was played by his co-actor, Samuel Ajibola. People are quite shocked after watching this video as it is shown on TV and many people are criticizing that it is not good to show such scenes on TV. This scene was quite controversial as viewers are not used to watching such kind of scenes on TV and kids also watch this family drama.

Jiji Scandal

Since this video went viral on social media, it has sparked a heated debate about morality and the portrayal of sex on TV. That’s not the only factor that makes this scandal more controversial. This viral clip was viral because of the prominent character from the TV series performing or doing a taboo act. Not only that, the controversy surrounding the clip has sparked the debate over proper boundaries and the role of privacy in Nigerian entertainment. There are people who try to defend it by stating that the scene depicts Nigerian society realistically and that sex can be part of everyday life. However, the other actor who is also pictured in this viral video, Samuel Ajibola apologizes for the offense.

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