Jasper Wu death: Oakland parents want to leave town out of ‘fear’ after son dies in gang crossfire

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA: Californian parents whose son was murdered in his car seat in a gang shootout are leaving town for good. Jasper Wu, who was just a month away from turning two, was killed by a stray gunshot as he dozed in his car seat while his mother drove on I-880. Rival gangs Chopper City and Eddy Rock had a shootout in progress around 2 p.m.

The parents revealed they did not feel safe in the lawless town after their son’s tragic death, according to Daily Mail. Three people who were involved in the “rolling gun battle” have been arrested by the police, bringing the Wu family to an end. However, it has been two years and they still have not been convicted. Jasper was pronounced dead at the nearby Children’s Hospital on November 6, 2021.

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She is “always scared”

In an effort to “reduce recidivism,” Pamela Price, the Alameda County District Attorney, is now advising her staff of prosecutors not to pursue enhanced charges in criminal cases. It follows that any criminal enhancements that may have been imposed will likely not be imposed this time around, which will shorten the jail time for Jasper’s killers. An Wu, Jasper’s mother, told ABC 7 in San Francisco it would be a bad idea while adding, “If this happens, what kind of message are we sending to the public?” She then added that she “always feels fear” every time she walks through Oakland.

“Restore the balance in the pain”

Three people have been charged with murder in connection with Jasper’s murder. The defendants are Johnny Jackson, 28, Trevor Green, 22, and Ivory Bivins, 24. However, they have not yet been judged. The fourth member of the gang, also involved, died in another shootout before being apprehended. Price hopes to “rebalance the sentence and prevent recidivism” by barring prosecutors from filing “enhancements,” according to an internal document acquired from his office. The Wu family criticized his intentions, but Price has yet to respond.

Oakland is only a short distance from San Francisco, where former DA Chesa Boudin implemented some of the most sweeping changes in the country. Under his leadership, crime and homelessness increased and open-air drug markets became widespread. Brooke Jenkins took her place last year and she vowed to bring order to the city.

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