Jamina Clay: Pennsylvania school board member resigns after calling Israeli military a ‘terrorist organization’

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA: Pennsylvania school board member Dr. Jamina Clay reportedly resigned after calling the Israeli military a “terrorist organization” on social media, the New York Post reported.

However, she will retain her position as assistant superintendent of the Philadelphia school system.

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Who is Jamina Clay?

Dr. Jamina Clay was twice elected to the Colonial Council of School Superintendents, first in 2021, and again this year. As assistant superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia, she is responsible for overseeing 10 schools.

She took to Facebook to bash the Israel Defense Forces in a recent post, writing: “The terrorist organization known to many as the IDF is currently targeting a hospital. The world watches as the Palestinian people are eliminated. »

The post quickly sparked backlash from many people online and was deleted.

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Apology message from Jamina Clay

On November 16, Clay posted an apology message on the social media platform, writing: “As you all know, I recently posted a message on my Facebook page in which I intended to attract attention to the conflict in the Middle East.”

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She added: “Upon reflection and having conversations with family and friends, I understand that my choice of words may have caused harm to many and that the impact was not my intention. This message was deleted.”

“Due to the suffering caused by my position, I have resigned my seat on the Colonial School Board, effective immediately. I understand that the district needs to heal from the painful words I chose, and it is best done in my absence. The board is ready to move forward, and I hope that with me no longer in this seat, the community can as well,” she continued.

Stating that she would continue to carry out her school work, Clay added: “Again, I apologize for the message I made and hope to learn from this situation. I will continue to pray for peace in the Middle East.

Statement from school officials

School district president Beth Patruno was quoted as saying, “We recognize that members of our community are suffering because of Dr. Clay’s comments. This is not acceptable in our school district, where we pride ourselves on creating a culture of belonging. “

School District of Philadelphia spokesperson Monique Braxton explained that the district’s free speech policy, which states that “employees are protected by the First Amendment when speaking on a matter of interest public which is not part of their duties,” applies to the School District of Philadelphia. job.

However, she clarified that “the views and opinions expressed in Dr. Clay’s Facebook post do not reflect the position, opinion, or opinions of the School District of Philadelphia.”

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