Jake Paul ready to face Canelo Alvarez: ‘We’re closer than we think’

CLEVELAND, OHIO: YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul is determined to get his dream match against Canelo Alvarez, one of the best fighters in the world today.

The Mexican is obviously against YouTube boxing, but Paul is adamant that this match will happen. The influencer has repeatedly stated that he wants to face Canelo Alvarez, one of the biggest names in boxing. In fact, Paul seems to be dedicatedly preparing for this battle.

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Jake Paul’s take on the Canelo Alvarez fight

“Canelo has shown it and stated it in interviews, he’s expressed interest. So, I think we’re closer than we think,” Paul told ‘The MMA Hour’.

He added: “It’s weird saying that now, when three or two years ago I said that, I believed it from day one, but everyone was like, ‘That.’ Who the fuck is this kid? Shut up this kid.’ “, but now it’s pretty real. “

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Jake Paul will return to the ring on December 15 against Andre August, a little-known fighter with a 10-1-1 record who is guaranteed to fight the YouTuber, despite losing to Tommy Fury in February and following his victory over Nate Diaz in August.

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Although the four-division champion has said he has other professional aspirations, Jake Paul is determined to take on serious challenges and he wouldn’t completely rule out a fight with Canelo. It is worth noting that 26-year-old Jake is seven years younger than the Mexican.

“I think the path I’m on right now is preparing me to fight Canelo in the future. I’m even showing him that I can fight ten or 12 rounds and I’ve done it with real legit professional boxers and I’ve beaten them. So, “when I beat these guys in a year or two and I continue to raise the level of competition, I think against Canelo it becomes a really interesting fight,” Paul added.

Internet Reacts to Jake Paul’s Decision to Fight Canelo Alvarez

Paul posted a post on his Instagram account with the caption: “Logan fought Floyd and one day I will fight Canelo and show the world why I am the greatest sports story of all time. See you soon Saul. The protest is real .”

Fans across the internet have reacted to Jake Paul’s decision to face Canelo Alvarez. One user commented on the post: “I can’t beat Tommy Fury but he thinks he can fight Canelo hahahah.”

A screenshot of comments on Jake Paul's post (@jakepaul/Instagram)
A screenshot of comments on Jake Paul’s post (@jakepaul/Instagram)

Another person said: “Make sure you add your funeral into this contract…Canelo will be charged with murder.”

A screenshot of comments on Jake Paul's post (@jakepaul/Instagram)
Fans comment on Jake Paul’s post (@jakepaul/Instagram)

One user said: “Someone wake up Jake, he’s dreaming.”

Another said: “You better stop disrespecting Jake like he’s not a serious fighter, I laugh when he wins.”

A screenshot of comments on Jake Paul's post (@jakepaul/Instagram)
A screenshot of comments on Jake Paul’s post (@jakepaul/Instagram)

A screenshot of comments on Jake Paul's post (@jakepaul/Instagram)
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