Jake Paul Reacts to Logan Paul Showering With Championship Belt: ‘I Don’t Think Anyone Was Expecting Him There’

CLEVELAND, OHIO: Jake Paul, brother of WWE Superstar Logan Paul, recently commented on Logan’s unconventional choice to take a shower while wearing his United States Championship belt.

This discussion follows Jake’s previous hints about Logan’s next achievements in WWE. According to Jake, Logan’s WWE career is just beginning and there are high expectations for what he is about to accomplish.

At recent WWE events, Logan Paul was victorious against Rey Mysterio at Crown Jewel, winning the United States Championship in the process.

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Logan’s prowess in the wrestling ring earned him his first WWE title, a feat that impressed many.

Following the win, Logan shared some provocative images on his Instagram, causing an internet sensation. Jake Paul’s recent comments on this issue have added another layer to the ongoing discussion.

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Jake Paul comments on brother Logan Paul taking a shower while wearing his United States Championship belt (Getty Images)

Jake Paul is proud of his brother Logan Paul

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In a recent interview with Justin Barraso of “Sports Illustrated,” Jake Paul expressed his pride in Logan Paul’s recent accomplishments and praised his brother’s rapid rise in WWE.

Jake also addressed the social media buzz surrounding Logan taking the United States Championship in the shower.

Jake remarked, “It’s crazy how quickly he excelled and became United States Champion. No one could have expected Logan to be this perfect for WWE. I don’t think anyone expected him to wear the belt naked, either.”

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Logan Paul defeated Rey Mysterio for the US title (@loganpaul/Instagram)
Logan Paul defeated Rey Mysterio for the US title (@loganpaul/Instagram)

Expressing his joy at witnessing his brother’s victory in WWE, Jake expressed a sense of pride in seeing Logan begin his journey as United States Champion.

He playfully teased Logan’s future accomplishments, saying, “But I guess that’s what you get when you sign up for Paul Brothers.” What Logan is doing, it’s amazing how good he is at this sport. I’m so proud of him. This is just the beginning of what he’s going to accomplish in WWE,” said Jake Paul.

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Jake Paul reacts to Logan Paul’s WWE win

In the realm of WWE, Logan Paul has officially won the championship title. The boxer and YouTuber was victorious over WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio on November 4, 2023, at Crown Jewel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, winning the coveted US title.

At 28 years old, Logan Paul, who made his WWE debut in April 2021, can now rightfully hold the title of professional wrestling champion. However, it should be noted that Paul’s triumph was aided by brass knuckles, despite them being banned in the match.

In a shared video posted by @HappyPunch on X (formerly Twitter), Jake Paul can be seen enjoying scrambled eggs while watching the WWE match on his cell phone. Eagerly, he cheered on Logan Paul during the pin attempt on Rey Mysterio, exclaiming, “Come on, come on.”

When the referee’s count reached 3, Jake Paul erupted in joy, shouting, “United States Champion!! Let’s go!”

The video, uploaded on November 5, 2023, has garnered approximately 700,000 views to date.

Jake Paul reacts to Logan Paul’s WWE United States Championship win 👀 pic.twitter.com/1eInyPXwI4

– Happy Punch (@HappyPunch) November 4, 2023

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