Jake Paul eyes becoming world champion in 2024: ‘I’m just working towards that goal’

CLEVELAND, OHIO: Jake Paul has set a new goal for himself and is willing to risk his life to achieve it. Paul is one of the most well-known figures in the digital entertainment industry. When his older brother Logan Paul started fighting on YouTube in 2018 against KSI, the story took off.

Despite the fact that Jake Paul’s fight with Tommy Fury was extremely difficult, the boxer is confident in his abilities. After fighting only once in 2023 (1-1), the YouTuber turned boxer hopes to change the situation by winning his next fight against Andre August.

Jake Paul celebrates with his brother Logan after defeating AnEsonGib by first round knockout during their fight at Meridian at Island Gardens on January 30, 2020 in Miami, Florida.
Jake Paul has defeated 7 of his 8 opponents in boxing matches (Getty Images)

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Jake Paul’s plans for 2024

In a recent interview with MMAFightingonSBN, Paul discussed his future goals. The presenter asked the boxer how many fights he planned to take part in next year. In response, Paul said, “Sure, two-three and keep that pace…stay sharp and grow.”

It’s not just that. Paul made the decision to give everything to win the world title. He pushes himself to improve by spending all his time in the gym. To achieve his next goal, he shut down all outside distractions and developed tunnel vision.

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“I’m going to become world champion or die trying.” So, it’s kind of you know all the units ahead and you just work towards that goal,” he added.

Paul is working hard to improve his reputation and expertise in the world of boxing. As a result, he may have to make some financial concessions.

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Jake Paul vs. Andre August

Tickets for The Problem Child’s upcoming fight against August may not have sold as well as expected, despite his track record of selling out venues of considerable size, such as the American Airlines Center in the United States and the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia.

It’s unlike anything he’s done before. This will be the main attraction of Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions (MVP) Most Valuable Prospects IV. Notably, this match will take place in a more private setting and will not be accessible on pay-per-view.

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The choice to forgo the pay-per-view is the subject of speculation, with the general consensus pointing to Andre August’s relatively low star power. Instead of opting for a pay-per-view strategy, Jake Paul and his group appear to have decided to stream the match online on DAZN.

It is assumed that Paul made this tactical change in order to create a more authentic boxing resume. Instead of depending solely on high-level MMA fights, he chose to fight unknown opponents and gain experience against committed boxers. Paul’s mental and physical effort throughout the battle is clearly visible.

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