‘It’s offensive’: Megyn Kelly slams sudden cleanup in San Francisco ahead of Biden’s meeting with Xi Jinping

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: Former Fox News star Megyn Kelly spoke about the sudden cleanup in San Francisco ahead of the major Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, at which President Joe Biden is also expected to hold a high-stakes meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. .

Kelly was joined by “Ruthless” podcast hosts – Josh Holmes, Comfortably Smug, Michael Duncan and John Ashbrook to discuss the cleanup in the city and California Governor Gavin Newsom admitted it was “just for the sake of show “.

The veteran journalist claimed the city “doesn’t care about its residents” and that’s what makes it so “offensive.”

Megyn Kelly was joined by members of the Ruthless podcast who agreed that Gavin Newsom
Megyn Kelly was joined by members of the “Ruthless” podcast who agreed that Gavin Newsom “doesn’t care” about the people of San Francisco (@MegynKelly/YouTube)

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Megyn Kelly slams city of San Francisco for cleaning up ‘just in time’ for Biden-Jinping meeting

Megyn Kelly aired a local news report explaining how much time and energy San Francisco invested in “making sure the city shines” before welcoming its high-profile visitors.

The report confirms that “we notice how clear the streets are” and “how few homeless encampments there are on the main arteries”.

One of the residents interviewed for the article remarked that the bottom of his shoes “looked clean.”

According to the report, all this was done “just in time for the arrival of 20,000 high-level CEOs and heads of state in town.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom Admitted San Francisco Cleanup Was Just a Show (@MegynKelly/YouTube)
California Governor Gavin Newsom Admitted San Francisco’s Cleanup Was Just for Show (@MegynKelly/YouTube)

Taking in the report, Kelly furiously remarked: “Unbelievable. Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Mayor London Breed cleaned up the city just in time for the Chinese leader to appear there with Joe Biden. They’re important, but real San Francisco residents can pound sand.

Kelly also played a clip of Newsom speaking to the press and admitting that it’s “true that they’re just cleaning this place up because all these fancy leaders are coming to town.”

After listening to Newsom’s admission, Josh Holmes, one of the hosts of the “Ruthless” podcast, said, “I’m just going to thank Gavin Newsom for proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is not not that they can’t clean up the world. cities in America is that they choose not to.

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Megyn Kelly told Ruthless podcast hosts that Gavin Newsom doesn't give
Megyn Kelly said Gavin Newsom doesn’t care about the people of San Francisco (@MegynKelly/YouTube)

Kelly then told her viewers that she found this act by the city of San Francisco completely “offensive.”

She added: “Guess what? Most of us don’t live in a pigsty every day. We have a few small messes to clean up. This is not a complete overhaul of where we choose to raise our children.

“That’s what you need in San Francisco.” He doesn’t care about the children. He doesn’t care about them at all.

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Internet Joins Megyn Kelly in Slamming California Governor Gavin Newsom

An angry user took to the comments section of Kelly’s video and expressed his opinion on the cleanup.

They wrote: “The fact that they were able to clean up the city so thoroughly and so quickly is proof that they always could, but deliberately chose not to. »

Another social media user said: “He’s worse of a human being than I thought, he’s paying all these taxes for nothing!! »

“When Newsome walks around San Francisco, the LONG SMELL of Hair Jell follows him. I think the years of Hair Jell have gotten to his brain!!! said another.

One user pleaded: “NEWSUM – Please don’t let this guy become president. »

“I’m so sick of him. I didn’t want to eat or visit there and I used to live there. He makes me physically ill,” another user said.

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