‘It’s not a magic moment’: The internet is appalled by ‘dark age’ child Minnie Mouse ‘abused’ at Disneyland

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA: Disneyland goes to great lengths to ensure that every visitor is treated with the utmost respect and has the most spectacular experience imaginable. Unfortunately a recent visitor had an encounter which ruined the day and certainly did not reach the enchanted standards associated with the theme park.

A viral TikTok video shows a small child approaching Minnie Mouse during a meet and greet at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. However, furious viewers accused Minnie of being ‘aggressive’ and ‘abusing’ the little girl after seeing footage of the character spinning the child as she sought to hug the Disney character at the park.

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“Minnie was rude”

The video, posted to Tiktok by @anisrios1, shows an eager child who had her arms raised to kiss the mascot but quickly turned around for a photo. When the little girl tried to free herself from Minnie’s arms for another hug, she was again pushed away. The video was captioned: “Yesterday my niece was trying to kiss Minnie and she was being rude.”

@anisrios1 Yesterday my niece was trying to kiss Minnie and she was rude 😡😠🤬 #disney #disneyland #rude ​​#disneylandcalifornia #rudeminnie @disneylandcalifornia @disneyparks @waltdisneyworldofficial ♬ original sound – user8888845762792

“That baby got whiplash from those tricks!”

The clip has received 15.5 million views and over 20,000 comments since it was posted. Many viewers insisted that the girl only wanted a hug and that the theme park entertainer had been too hard on her. “No way @DisneyParks. Disagree. She’s a kid and they were aggressively turning her away from a hug,” one person wrote. “The way Minnie mistreats her,” someone else commented, while another added, “That baby got whiplash from those tricks!” “All this baby wanted was a hug. I’m so mad,” one reviewer said. A viewer who found the character’s actions odd couldn’t help but laugh it off, exclaiming, “Minnie is in her dark times.”

“Not a magic moment”

However, many others supported Minnie, arguing that the actor was concerned about posing for pictures. “Minnie has work to do. She’s pressed for time and needs the line to keep moving,” one person shared. Aiko Mora, the toddler’s mother, stepped in to respond to comments who thought her family was being too dramatic. “It was her first time at Disney,” she said of her daughter. “And the first in line for the pic…Minnie was coming off a break…” She posted the same video with overlaid text that read, “This is not how anyone should be treated at Disneyland. ” Mora, who goes by the handle @aikotov1, wrote in the caption, “This is how Minnie decided to treat my child after waiting in line for 1 hour…Not a magic moment… “

@aikotov1 This is how Minnie decided to treat my child after waiting 1 hour in line… Not magic [email protected] Parks @Disneyland California @Disneyland California #disneyland #disneyparks #minniemouse #mickeymouse ♬ original sound – Aiko Mora

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