‘It’s killing me’: ‘Flip El Moussas’ star Heather Rae Young talks about the challenges of postpartum anxiety

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA: Stylized maternity photos and glamorous newborn portraits have their place on social media, but sometimes it’s nice to see a mom in her natural habitat. ‘Flipping El Moussas’ star Heather Rae Young recently opened up about her struggles as Tristan’s new mom and confessed to first crying when she was away from him. Motherhood has always been particularly difficult for celebrities, as they are often subject to intense public scrutiny and pressure to balance career, personal life and family responsibilities. But that wasn’t the case for Young, as her husband, Tarek El Moussa, was always by her side every step of the way. The new mum is very open about her journey as she embraces it with confidence and strength, even though this new phase can be difficult to navigate.

On March 11, Young posted a photo on her Instagram account where she said that “motherhood takes up a lot of your time.” Even though she’s braved the whole process, it’s natural for a new mother to have moments of weakness. Keep reading to learn more about her postpartum journey.


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“I barely changed my sweatpants”

Postpartum anxieties surfaced for ‘Flipping El Moussas’ star Heather Rae Young, who cried for the first time while away from her newborn baby. Even though she’s only been gone four hours. It felt like an eternity because her whole world revolves around Tristan. In her post, we saw her made up and her hair done with care, but according to her new mother, she is far from being “capped”. Even though Young was shooting a few scenes for “Flipping El Moussas,” she felt it was “hard to think of anything else,” with the baby constantly on her mind. Additionally, she also explained how her entire routine is created around the baby. She said, “Everything I want to do is scheduled for when he’s sleeping or when I’m not feeding him, and all the things I ‘must’ do come second.” She went on to say that having a new- born at home “completely diminishes any routine,” alluding to the fact that she couldn’t even change her sweatpants after “baby T” was born. It is indeed a difficult time for Young but with the unconditional support of her husband, Tarek, motherhood has also gone smoothly for her.

Father T shares the struggle

On the day his baby boy was born, Tristan posted a photo of Heather holding the baby on his Instagram account. He wrote: “Our hearts are so happy”. After that, he posted quite a few baby photos, including photos of his eldest son and daughter. On Feb. 17, a few weeks after baby T came home, he shared a cute photo on Instagram that looked like it was taken at the hospital. In the photo, Tarek and Tristan are joined by the ‘Flipping El Moussa’ star’s two older children – Brayden, 7, and Taylor, 12, with his ex-wife Christina Hall. Brayden sits in a chair with a pillow in his lap as he holds his baby brother with a big smile on his face. Tarek stands next to him, with an arm around Taylor, who smiles at the camera, dressed in her school uniform. “👀👀👀 OMG…I have 3 kids!!!! How did this happen @theheatherraeelmoussa ❤️,” he captioned the photo.

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