IShowSpeed ​​Dubs xQc “Naruto Uzumaki” After Asking Him About His Ex-Girlfriend Adept

CINCINNATI, OHIO: Darren Watkins, also known as IShowSpeed, recently engaged in a conversation with xQc during a live stream. Their chat went viral after the YouTuber asked xQc about his ex-girlfriend.

For the uninitiated, xQc enjoyed a tumultuous and on-again, off-again relationship with Twitch streamer Adept, who also claimed to be married and initiated legal proceedings against xQc.

Additionally, IShowSpeed ​​playfully assigned the nickname “Naruto Uzumaki” to xQc, drawing a parallel to the protagonist of the beloved manga and anime series, Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

As the online sensation delved into a discussion about Samantha aka Adept, fans and netizens didn’t hesitate to share their sarcastic comments on Adept, xQc and IShowSpeed.

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The YouTuber humorously nicknamed Adept “Whale” after the cat teased xQc about loving an animal.

IShowSpeed ​​talks to xQc about his ex-girlfriend Adept

xQc mocks IShowSpeed ​​​​(xqcow1, ishowspeed/Instagram)
IShowSpeed, recently engaged in a conversation with xQc during a live stream (xqcow1, ishowspeed/Instagram)

In a recent livestream, IShowSpeed ​​joined xQc to ask about his alleged ex-girlfriend Adept.

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During the live exchange, Speed ​​made some pointed remarks towards xQc. Unaware of xQc’s romantic history, the chat bombarded him with messages, urging him to explore Adept and unwittingly prompting a delve into xQc’s past relationships.

Speed ​​said, “Idiot Felix, shut the fuck up!” Felix Lengyel, shut the fuck up Naruto Uzumaki! Shut up, you stuttering bastard. . And Adept? Adept! Adept!”

Acknowledging Speed’s lack of knowledge about Adept, xQc replied, “Yeah, what about her? What about her? Relax, dude.”

Speed ​​persisted, “I don’t know! Cat, who’s Adept? Who’s Adept? Who’s Adept? Who is it?”

xQc’s chat went even further, trolling Speed ​​with “whale” symbols and spamming the word in his chat. Puzzled, Speed ​​remarked, “A whale? Why do they say it’s a whale? Wait, are you in love with an animal?”

This exchange between xQc and IShowSpeed ​​involving Adept prompted the internet to mock her by comparing her to a whale, and many people shared their views on the internet personalities involved.

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Internet reacts to online jokes from IShowSpeed ​​and xQc

After watching the live clip featuring iShowSpeed ​​and xQc discussing the Twitch streamer’s ex-girlfriend, many viewers flocked to the comments section to voice their opinions.

One fan humorously remarked, “It’s so funny to see X interact with someone more unhinged and ADHD than him lol.” Another enthusiast exclaimed: “Speed ​​actually said what the cat meant this whole time…thanks, Speed ​​💀.”

One person playfully nicknamed Adept “The Whale” and sarcastically commented: “The whale will always be in the sea.”

One viewer playfully teased: “You were in love with an animal?! Lmaoooo.” One person excitedly said: “Speed ​​was cooking his shit. »

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