Is Trisha Tubu a man or a woman? Gender and transgender sexuality

Sports stars also became famous like TV stars and that’s why their fans kept checking to know more about them. Most of the time their sexuality gets fans and they are always keen to know if they are straight or bisexual etc. This time too, people are seeking to know the sexuality and gender of the famous volleyball star, Trisha Tubu. People want to know if she’s transgender. Rumors related to his sexuality are currently a hot topic on social media and people are talking about it.

Trisha Tubu

Is Trisha Tubu a man or a woman?

Trisha is a prolific volleyball player from the Philippines who played as a rookie for the Adamson Lady Falcons in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Women’s Volleyball Tournament. She joined the team in 2019 and played for 2 seasons, wearing jersey number 15. At the time of her assignment with the Adamson Lady Falcons, Tuba considered her skills as a striker, impressing fans and coaches with her athleticism and his power. Trisha Tubu played a key role in the team’s attack, contributing to their obnoxious firepower and helping them to wins in important matches.

Trisha Tubu

Although her time with the team was brief, Trisha left a lasting impression on the UAAP volleyball community with her brilliant performance on the court. Recently, there has been a buzz on social media regarding Trisha Tubu’s appearance, sexuality, and gender, along with many people speculating that she is transgender. As this volleyball player is gaining attention and popularity through her hard work, people want to know more about her personal life including her personal performance.

Trisha Tubu

On the other hand, the volleyball player has not come out publicly and Tubu has shared very few details about being transgender. Therefore, the actual details of his gender are not known at this time, but we are looking for him and expect to get him soon. On top of that, we can watch people commenting on her physique on social media. Tubu states that since competing for Adamson in the UAAP Girls’ High School Volleyball Tournament, she has received many derogatory remarks on social media regarding her appearance. People insult her on social media and make fun of her appearance. However, she always ignores such remarks and never pays attention to them and continues to focus on her game and she has proven from time to time that she is a brilliant player.

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