Internet supports Laura Ingraham as she accuses Biden admin of ‘blaming America’ for rising crime rate

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: On “The Ingraham Angle,” Fox News host Laura Ingraham reportedly called on President Joe Biden’s administration to address rising crime rates.

She criticized the POTUS for his handling of violent crime, referencing some outbursts that have occurred in several states, citing cases in Memphis, Chicago and Philadelphia.

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Ingraham accused the media of “ignoring this information” when reporting on Jonathan Lewis and the fact that his attackers “appear to be black.”

She also added that the media is “desperately trying to help Joe Biden cross the finish line in 2024” and said they refuse “to admit that we have a major crime problem in the country.”

The internet seemed to agree with Ingraham’s harsh criticism of Biden as several people mocked the president.

Laura Ingraham accuses Biden admin of ‘blaming America’ for crime problem

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Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham recently shared her views on Joe Biden’s handling of the crime crisis and criticized him for only caring about “re-elections.”

She said: “The Biden administration and its supporters in the press don’t really care about what’s best for minorities or what’s best for Americans, for that matter. They only care about one thing: getting re-elected and staying in power.”

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She then explained her point of view: “It’s not easy to do when crime is such a problem, which is why they plan to solve this problem not by stopping crime, but by placing the blame on America. »

Ingraham continued: “They are going to defame the founders. They will smear Republicans, the police, anyone they can think of, hoping to scare people into voting for Biden.”

“They certainly don’t want minority communities to be confident and prosperous. They want them to be so afraid that they will vote for Biden rather than vote for peace, prosperity and security,” she added.

“The Ingraham Angle” host concluded: “So we have to continue to reach out and tell the truth about America, about crime, until this message gets through. Once we have new leadership, we can once again teach the old lesson that crime doesn’t pay.

Internet criticizes Joe Biden for increasing crime rate

After Laura Ingraham brutally criticized Joe Biden’s approach to handling crime, the Internet also supported the Fox News anchor in the comments of the clip posted on YouTube from her monologue titled “License to Kill.”

One person wrote, “Biden’s crime handling rating is double F-,” and another added, “Biden’s response is lackluster at best.” »

One person, referring to Ingraham’s comment about the media’s attempts to “get Joe Biden across the finish line,” said: “You couldn’t get old Joe across the finish line with ten locomotives !

One agreed with Ingraham: “I agree, I believe we are also experiencing the end times on earth right now. »

“Talk to Joey about the crime. He is the cause of all this,” another person said.

One further wrote: “We have the crime problem and Biden. »

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