Internet slams man after he bizarrely introduced his fiancée to critical parents

A woman’s revelation that she left her fiancé’s house after being introduced as his girlfriend has sparked controversy among netizens. The script was posted by Original Post (OP) u/Fairly_catalina_20 in the popular Reddit group “Am I The A**hole?” where it received more than 3,000 upvotes and nearly 500 comments.

In a Reddit post titled “AITA for leaving my fiancé’s family dinner after being introduced as his girlfriend?” a 26-year-old girl wrote: “My fiancé and I have been engaged for a year and a half. He was born in Spain and his family still lives there and at the time of our relationship, about 4 years ago, we did not have not visited the United States since. I have never been introduced to his family not even on a FaceTime call which I always wanted to change but he wanted to make their meeting special. My family have met my fiancé several times and they all love him, we are also Dominicans so the language barrier with his family would not matter.

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OP continued, “In February my fiancé’s family had planned to visit me for about 2 months because it’s been so long. I live at home so they would only be staying with my fiancé. His mum, dad , his sister and his brother in law all came over and they hosted a dinner with me and some of my fiances, friends and colleagues (more like a welcome party) I was beyond excited to meet them and finally announce our engagement.

“The day came and I went to his house. My fiancé spoke to me before and told me that his family was very frank and if his mother said anything unusual, not to worry. He said this regarding our age, our cultural differences, and my work (specialist teacher and my fiancé is a lawyer) I was a bit worried because I didn’t want them to think badly of me based on all of this, but he assured me that he would be there to support me,” she added.

“The parents of my fiancés (made) critical comments”

However, things went south soon after. “The party starts and I have everything ready, prepared the food and set the tables. His parents came and saw me and asked me who I was. He stops and says I’m his girlfriend . I looked at him shocked and he gave me a hand with that look. Beyond my best judgment, I agreed. The dinner goes on and my fiancé’s parents make a critical comment about the doctor where my families are from. I corrected them and then she comments about my curly hair and how weird it was. My fiancé didn’t say anything and tried to change the convo. Later it came up about my young age and he said it didn’t matter. My job was brought up and they said there was no way I could survive on my salary.

“It’s not an engagement ring, is it?” »

OP continued, “During dinner, I completely forgot I had my ring on and her mom spotted it and said, ‘That’s not an engagement ring, is it? My fiancé gives me an angry look like I’m supposed to know I was playing my girlfriend tonight and says it’s my grandma’s old ring. I was fed up and said we’ve been engaged for a while and he’s lying to you for god knows what. I leave without saying another word and get a ton of calls from him. He said he wanted to get his mother’s approval before announcing and I then told him what the point of committing was in the first place. I was pissed to sit there and lie to save his ass. He said his mother thought it was very disrespectful and immature. She doesn’t see why I couldn’t wait later and talk to her. She completely fired him lying to his face but that’s not my concern.”

She concluded the post by saying, “I left the ring in his letterbox and haven’t seen them since. He tried to contact my family but I refuse to see him until I get back. real apologies and don’t blame me for it.”

AITA for leaving my fiancé’s family dinner after being introduced as his girlfriend?
by u/Fairly_catalina_20 in AmItheAsshole

“Your ex-fiancé is an idiot”

Nearly 500 people left comments on the post, all supporting OP. One user commented, “NTA. Your ex-fiancé is an idiot, not to mention incredibly disrespectful to you. I’m sure culturally he thought he was supposed to get their permission before he got engaged, but he didn’t, and he needed the man before you were introduced to his family. The silly part comes where he didn’t talk to you before and got your okay that you would pretend not to be engaged. Otherwise, of course, you were going to wear your engagement ring to meet his family.”

by u/1962Michael from AITA discussion for leaving my fiancé’s family dinner after being introduced as his girlfriend?
in AmItheAsshole

“They didn’t even know the OP existed”

Another agreed, saying: “I mean they didn’t even know OP existed when they arrived. They must have asked who she was. They didn’t know he was seeing someone, they didn’t know not that she was going to be there. After 4 years. This is way beyond “playing GF for a night”.

by u/Waury from AITA discussion for leaving my fiancé’s family dinner after being introduced as his girlfriend?
in AmItheAsshole

“Don’t look back at this ignorant xenophobic family”

One frustrated user wrote, “NTA! So for a dinner date at this guy’s you were expected to do all the cooking and prep and then pretend to be just a girlfriend so that this guy’s mom 32 year old dude don’t get mad? Run like the wind and don’t look back at this xenophobic ignorant family and make this dude your ex.”

by u/TemptingPenguin369 from AITA discussion for leaving my fiancé’s family dinner after being introduced as his girlfriend?
in AmItheAsshole

‘He never wanted to marry you’

A fourth user raged, “Yes OP, you are his ‘dirty little secret’ that he hid from his parents. He never wanted to marry you. Guess you treated him like your future husband : doing woman things, and he likes it so he hung the “carrot” woman in front of you to keep you doing those things. I guess because you did everything necessary for this dinner. Even if he really loves you and wants to marry you, his family has a higher priority than you, and you’ll never come first. Just look how he treated you! I’m so glad you’re hanging on and I hope you end up dumping his mama’s boy a**. His mama will always come first.”

by u/MelodramaticMouse from AITA discussion for leaving my fiancé’s family dinner after being introduced as his girlfriend?
in AmItheAsshole

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