Internet Joins Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause in Slamming Dior’s ‘Ridiculous’ Baby Care Line

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Luxury brand Dior’s launch of “Baby Dior” has sparked significant controversy online. Many people have expressed their disapproval of Dior’s latest release, which has been called a “complete skincare line for toddlers.”

The collection includes high-end products such as the $230 Extravagant Perfumed Water and the $115 Moisturizer, which has garnered widespread reviews on various social media platforms.

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“Selling Sunset” star Chrishell Stause was among those who expressed disagreement, using Instagram to openly express her reservations about the recently launched “Baby Dior” line.

Stause, in his argument, emphasized the sentiment of “leaving the babies alone,” reflecting a broader concern shared by many.

Many people echoed the sentiment that ordinary families often struggle to afford essential baby products, fueling a collective frustration over the introduction of extravagant and expensive items that seem unnecessary in comparison.

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“Leave these babies ALL!!!,” Stause commented under the post. “Yeah, ok. The average family can barely afford their baby’s essentials, but let’s sell useless products for hundreds of dollars,” said another. One wrote: “Shame on you Dior! »

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen!” one user wrote. “Why are we obsessed with giving chemicals to infants? Leave them alone,” wrote another. “BABIES DON’T NEED THIS,” another user added. One said: “This is ridiculous!!!”

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Dior launches “perfumed water” for babies

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In the world of luxury perfumes, Dior’s exclusive “Bonne Etoile” has been making waves, selling for a staggering $230 in delicate pastel pink or mint green bottles, according to the New York Post.

This perfume, carefully crafted by renowned artisans Francis Kurkdjian and Cordélia de Castellane, is said to contain notes of pear, wild rose and white musk, aiming to evoke sweet childhood memories through its aromatic allure.

The perfume, called “eau parfumée”, claimed to be a sweet echo of ancient memories, sparking a whirlwind of online discussion.

Internet users were divided, questioning the need for a perfume specifically suited to babies.

This unique offering, available in alcohol-free variations of Rose and Celadon, contained subtle notes of fruit, cotton and soft petals, encompassing a remarkable 98% naturally derived ingredients.

Marketed as a delicate option, the scent was designed to be gentle on little ones’ delicate and fragile skin.

As its retail price reached a staggering £230 for a 100ml bottle, this evocative perfume sparked curiosity and debate among many online, questioning the purpose and necessity of a high-end perfume suitable for babies.

Dior accused of racism for presenting a model with a “slanted eye”

Dior faces backlash over racism allegations (Instagram/Dior)
Dior faces backlash over racism allegations (Instagram/Dior)

As part of a captivating line-up, Dior presented its latest makeup collection with a series of alluring promotional images.

One of the images featured a model capturing her bold feline essence with the caption “Channel your feline fierceness.”

However, following its appearance on Chinese social media platforms, the image faced criticism, leading to the emergence of the viral hashtag “Dior makeup accused of discriminating against Asians”, according to the Times .

Many claimed that the image with the “slanted eye” gesture seemed derogatory toward Asians.

This sparked a backlash online, ultimately resulting in the controversial image being removed from the Dior carousel post.

‘Selling Sunset’ Star Chrishell Stause and G-flip To Adopt Baby Soon

The star of
‘Selling Sunset’ Star Chrishell Stause Wants to Start a Family with G Flip (Instagram/@chrishell.stause)

Chrishell Stause had openly shared her aspirations of starting a family with G Flip, known off-stage as Georgia Flipo, expressing her desire to adopt when the time comes.

Reflecting on her relationship, she expressed her sense of relief from the pressure to conform to traditional family norms, highlighting a mutual agreement with G Flip on the adoption path they planned to embark on.

During the season five reunion of “Selling Sunset,” Stause initially expressed her hopes for adoption, mentioning her intention to Tan France, the show’s host.

At the time, she expressed a sense of contentment about her life alongside G Flip while considering the prospect of starting a family through adoption.

Stause had previously expressed interest in adopting a child, even during her relationship with ex-partner Jason Oppenheim, but their divergent views on the issue seemed to hinder their alignment on the path to creating ‘a family.

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