Internet dismayed as Derek Chauvin lists reasons why his ‘accusations are a sham’ in controversial new documentary ‘Fall of Minneapolis’

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA: Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer serving a 21-year sentence for the death of George Floyd, called his career a “sham” in his first media appearance since the conviction.

The officer made the remarks during an interview for a new documentary titled “The Fall of Minneapolis,” which aims to shed light on the circumstances that led to the 2020 George Floyd riots and the murder trial against him .

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The crowd-funded documentary is produced by journalist Liz Collin to highlight what she describes as a global rush to judgment in the case, led by Democratic politicians, that ultimately resulted in the proliferation of criminals across United States.

“The Fall of Minneapolis” lends credence to the theory that Floyd’s autopsy, which initially found no evidence of asphyxiation, was altered by the FBI to indicate that Chauvin killed Floyd by kneeling on his neck.

It also features other Minneapolis police officers who all claim that when Chauvin restrained Floyd, he was acting in accordance with his training, and accuse the prosecution of suppressing evidence that could have exonerated Chauvin.

What did Derek Chauvin say about his trial?

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In his phone interview with Collin, Chauvin called the trial and his conviction a “sham” and blamed Floyd’s death on the slow response of emergency doctors.

Chauvin said the time it took for the ambulance to arrive on scene was “not normal.” At the time of Floyd’s death, paramedics took 20 minutes to arrive, despite there being an ambulance dock just eight blocks away, according to the Daily Mail.

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During the interview, he repeatedly referred to the fact that he and other police officers had been trained in MRT – Maximal Restraint Technique.

“The response from EMS and the Minneapolis Fire Department was not normal. Normally both of those resources are dispatched, they arrive in a short period of time,” Chauvin said in the film, adding, “In this case , the Minneapolis fire department took more than 20 minutes to arrive, and their station was eight blocks away.

“Ultimately, the entire trial, including the sentencing, was a sham,” Chauvin continued according to the Messenger.

“The Fall of Minneapolis” features more than a dozen interviews with Minneapolis law enforcement officials and individuals closely associated with the case, including Alexander Kueng, a former Minneapolis police officer who pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting homicide for his role in Floyd’s death.

For his part, Kueng urged viewers to watch the documentary, saying: “Prison is a very unique experience, one that I never thought I would see myself in.” »

“This is not the end and it will not define me. What has been done is done and I just hope that at least in the future people will keep an open mind and not let cases like this happen,” he added, according to the Daily Mail.

Kueng also added that his case is “an example of not jumping the gun, not falling for this racial baiting, in the social media, in the media, and letting them get away with it the way they do if things like this one continues.” what happens, no one anywhere will have the slightest sense of justice.

Internet reacts to Derek Chauvin’s comments

Chauvin’s remarks attracted immense attention on social media, with one user saying “he was falsely convicted on social media before he even entered a courtroom.”

“Chauvin is right. Too bad we have a courageless Supreme Court,” the second user wrote. “His trial was a scam!” The autopsy proved that he did not murder Floyd! He should be released and given a HUGE salary! » the third fumed.

“Every aspect of this case needs to be thoroughly investigated to seek the truth of what happened,” the fourth user asserted, with the fifth saying “Sad and tragic.”

“Chauvin’s comments and allegations add complexity to the ongoing trial,” said another.

Chauvin’s comments and allegations add complexity to the ongoing trial.

– quotes_official (@ThienTh12473323) November 21, 2023

He was falsely convicted on social media before even entering a courtroom. He did exactly what he was trained to do.

— Old School Eddie (@Old_SchoolEddie) November 20, 2023

Chauvin is right. Too bad we have a courageless Supreme Court.

– D. Mclaughlin – panem et circenses (@DonMcLaughlin9) November 20, 2023

His trial was a scam! The autopsy proved that he did not murder Floyd! He should be released and given a HUGE salary!

— Old School Eddie (@Old_SchoolEddie) November 20, 2023

Every aspect of this case must be thoroughly investigated to uncover the truth of what happened.

– Ne҉e҉X҉u҉s҉ (@Chinnyfranklin) November 20, 2023

Sad and tragic.

– The X Guru (@The_X_Guru) November 21, 2023

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