Internet calls Adin Ross and N3on ‘losers’ after duo’s plans to meet ‘off camera’ go viral

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Streamer Adin Ross once again caught the attention of social media, this time alongside fellow streamer N3on, as they discussed various issues during a phone call.

In a viral video on Twitter, at the end of their conversation, the two streamers decide to meet in person, emphasizing that the meeting will remain “off camera”.

For context, N3on has been in the news recently due to his relationship status and speculation surrounding his special moments on various social media platforms. Additionally, he gained attention by joining Ross in a boxing event against other streamers and boxers.

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This article provides detailed information on Ross and N3on’s interactions during a live broadcast.

Adin Ross was a GTA 5 player (adinross/Instagram)
Kick streamer Adin Ross discussed various issues with fellow streamer N3on during a phone call (@adinross/ Instagram)

What did Adin Ross discuss with N3on during the livestream?

In a Twitter video that went viral, an official Ross fan account shared a clip featuring a discussion between Ross and N3on. The caption read: “Adin Ross gives N3on an ultimatum that they need to meet in person and discuss their issues.”

During the video, N3on first confessed his girlfriend to Ross, saying, “I promise you in the beginning, you’re right. I used it for my shit.

In response, Ross said, “I don’t care about her, and then it became something more than that, bro. But it’s like I don’t know what you want me to do.”

N3on then expressed, “Like I’m a f***ing kid and I like girls like I can’t just like them.”

In a mocking tone, Ross replied, “You’re a grown man.” You are 19 years old, my brother.

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Adin Ross gives N3on an ultimatum that they must meet in person and discuss their problems.

– AdinUpdate (@AdinUpdate) November 12, 2023

N3on clarified his condition by saying, “I promise you, I’m not an adult yet, but brother, listen. All right. Listen, hypothetically, what is it?

Additionally, Ross claimed, “You want to talk to me off camera, and you’re streaming, but you don’t call me or you wait days to answer me, bro.”

Confused, N3on replied, “No, that’s what I… I answered you immediately.”

They engaged in playful banter over their text messages. Finally, N3on said, “I will literally come to Miami and talk to you. » Ross agreed to the meeting.

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N3on then asked Ross if he would speak off-camera, to which Ross agreed but added a condition: “Literally just you and me.” Don’t bring this manager and don’t bring this girl. Just you and me, okay?

N3on was left stunned and Ross abruptly ended the conversation.

Internet reacts to Adin Ross and N3on’s discussion

After witnessing the discussion between Adin Ross and N3on regarding N3on’s girlfriend, the online community rushed to the comments section to express their opinions.

One fan remarked: “Imagine being 19 and calling yourself a child when someone says you’re a grown man 💀😂😂”

Another called Ross and N3on “Loser Adin and Loser Neon.”

imagine being 19 and calling yourself a child when someone says you’re a grown man 💀😂😂

– BasedOne (@booofpaxk) November 12, 2023

Adin loser and neon loser

— BadKarma (@justaviewer1111) November 12, 2023

Another said: “I’m actually sick of this kid and his problems…fuck him he’ll learn the hard way if not with his friends let him move on.” “

While one user advised, “Don’t follow these idiots,” another expressed frustration, writing, “I’m sick of this guy, just stfu and disappear.” »

Actually, I’m sick of this kid and his problems…fuck him, he’ll learn the hard way if not with his friends, let him move on.

– SAGE420 (@Sagemadarq) November 12, 2023

Don’t follow these idiots

– Joao Faulkner (@JoaoFaulkner3) November 12, 2023

I’m sick of this guy, just stfu and disappear

– The Realest (@UnsilentMajori8) November 12, 2023

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