Internet Agrees With Laura Ingraham Mocks 14% of Voters Saying Joe Biden ‘Improved’ Them

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Only 14% of American voters believe they are better off financially today than when President Joe Biden took office, indicating a potential threat to the president’s re-election prospects based on its economic performance.

According to one poll, nearly 70% of voters believe that Biden’s economic policies have had a negative impact on the U.S. economy or had no discernible effect.

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Following this news, Fox News host Laura Ingraham took to X (formerly Twitter) and criticized these 14% of voters.

Apparently, Ingraham’s tweet was supported by several X users who supported the presenter’s views on the news.

Laura Ingraham criticizes 14% of voters who said Joe Biden “made them better”

Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham addressed X and wrote, “Who are these ‘better off’ people? Only 14% of American voters believe that Joe Biden has improved their situation.

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Who are these “better off”

Only 14% of American voters say Joe Biden made things better for them

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) November 13, 2023

Ingraham’s tweet featured a Financial Times article that highlighted the Michigan Ross poll, highlighting the president’s challenge in overcoming the impact of inflation on voters’ economic prospects.

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Just 14% of U.S. voters believe they are better off financially today than when Joe Biden took office, pointing to potential challenges to the president’s re-election due to concerns about his economic record.

A recent poll found that nearly 70% of voters perceive Biden’s economic policies as being harmful to the U.S. economy or having no discernible impact.

Among them, 33 percent believe the president’s policies have “hurt the economy a lot,” while only 26 percent believe they have had a positive effect.

Conducted monthly for the Financial Times and the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, the poll aims to track the influence of economic sentiment on the race for the White House.

Comparisons with a similar poll conducted four years ago for the FT reveal that while most Americans did not feel a significant improvement in their financial situation under President Donald Trump, their pessimism was less pronounced.

In November 2019, only 35% of voters thought they were better off under Trump, with 31% indicating they were worse off.

The current poll results underscore that inflation remains a challenge to the Biden administration’s efforts to persuade voters of “Bidennomics,” the president’s strategy to revitalize the nation’s industrial sector and address years of stagnation of middle class wages.

Internet supports Laura Ingraham’s remark on 14% of voters

After Laura Ingraham slammed 14% of voters who said Joe Biden made them “better,” the internet went after those voters, too.

One person wrote, “These people obviously own large shares of the stocks fueling the military-industrial complex,” and another said, “And the 14% are big pharma and the Biden family.” »

These people obviously own a significant share of the stock fueling the military-industrial complex.

– Bruce E. Bailey, CRM/FED (@bbailey39) November 13, 2023

And the 14% are big pharma and the Biden family.

– BelieveYourEyes (@heather_genito) November 13, 2023

Another added: “I know. Everyone involved in the Green New Deal scam.

I know. Everyone involved in the Green New Deal scam.

— Kelly West (@KellyW1950) November 13, 2023

One X user simply wrote: “Lobbyists, Congress and Ukraine handlers… Oh yeah, and the Biden crime family. »

The lobbyists, the handlers from Congress and Ukraine… Oh yes, and the Biden crime family.

– STEPHEN VAN WOY (@jongraybeard) November 13, 2023

Another called out voters, adding: “Union thugs”, and one said: “The 14% are illegal immigrants who get free access.”

Union thugs.

– Publius (@Publius_STL) November 13, 2023

The 14% are illegal immigrants who benefit from free access.

– Alastair Janko (@AlastairJanko) November 13, 2023

“14%😂 Must be his partners in crime 14%,” wrote another.

14%😂 Must be his accomplices

— Dave Wilson (@wil82615447) November 13, 2023

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