Inside the $126,000 Oscars giveaway bag: Foreign land liposuction and more, but here’s what’s NOT ALLOWED

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The top nominees in the actor and director categories at this year’s Oscars are set to receive extravagant gift bags worth around $126,000. The opulent gift bags, which are not affiliated with the Academy, are sent to acting contestants and directors by Los Angeles-based marketing firm Distinctive Assets. To be featured in the gift bag, brands pay $4,000, and approximately 60 luxury items are included in each bag. Goodie bags include luxurious experiences like a getaway in the woods in Ottawa, Canada, and a trip to the volcanic island of Ischia. Additionally, there is a deed for a small plot of land in Australia to promote conservation efforts.

In a statement, Lash Fary, the founder of the company behind the gift bags, highlighted the significant impact these nominees can have on participating brands simply by using and talking about the products. “While our gifts are renowned for being fun, fabulous, useful and unique, they also serve a bigger purpose,” he said. “Most of the brands we include come from a diverse and inclusive array of small businesses that benefit significantly from the global exposure afforded by association with Hollywood’s biggest night. celebrities with a mission,” he added.

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What’s in the extravagant gift bag this year?

This year’s “Everybody Wins” gift bag for Oscar nominees includes a range of luxury items worth thousands of dollars. Along with cosmetic treatments worth $41,000, the gift bag includes a piece of land in Australia whose size and location are unknown. Contestants can also enjoy a three-night stay for eight people at a restored Italian lighthouse worth $9,000 and a $40,000 getaway to a Canadian estate called The Lifestyle. Recipients will also receive $25,000 in project management fees for home renovations from Maison Construction, Jo Bowlby’s “A Book For Life” and a “mental health orb” from Reflect.

The gift bag also includes a variety of wellness products, including NaturGeeks Feature “Immunity Boost”, C60 Purple Power Edible Massage Oil, Blush Silks Pillowcases and Bath Water. coco Harmless Harvest. The gift bag also includes rejuvenation procedures worth $41,000, such as Dr. Thomas Su’s Art Lipo Arm Sculpting and Dr. Alan Bauman’s hair restoration services. Fary, the founder of the company behind the gift bags, emphasized the inclusion of diverse brands, with 56% of businesses being owned by women and minorities. Among the brands included are PETA, Rarity Studios, ReFa, Proflexa, Miage Skincare and Benigna Parfums. The selection also includes a $18 loaf of Japanese milk bread from Ginza Nishikawa, edible dates from Bateel, chocolate-covered pretzels from m cacao, a packet of Clif Thins, a 100-calorie snack bar valued at $13.56.

No adult product included this year

During an interview with ‘The Morning Show’ in Australia on Friday, Fary, the founder of Distinctive Assets and the curator of this year’s ‘Everybody Wins’ goodie bag, revealed there will be no adult products. included in the bag this time. “Unfortunately, I can no longer include sex toys,” he told co-hosts Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur. Fary went on to explain his reasoning behind including adult products in the past, saying: “I used to include it because it was a charming, understated way for Meryl Streep or Jennifer Lawrence or the ‘one of those amazing nominees, who can’t go to a sex shop and pick up fun stuff, only to do it low key.’ However, although the sex toys came out, Fary admitted to including edible avocado oil in the loot bag.

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