Influencer Liana Jade bursts into tears after trolls attacked her over her newborn son’s unique name

LONDON, UK: A mother broke down in tears in an online video as she spoke of trolls attacking her baby’s unusual name. Liana Jade, who has a joint YouTube channel with her partner, Connor Darlington, welcomed their son in July 2022 and named him “Koazy”, pronounced “comfy”.

Nonetheless, Liana, who has over 2.71 million followers, posted a video to her TikTok account sobbing uncontrollably. She complained about how people criticized her child’s name online after her ‘new and unique’ name was ridiculed on ‘The Unplanned Podcast’ hosted by US YouTubers Matt and Abby. Although the couple did not mention Koazy by name, they described the unusual name given by Liana Jade as “ridiculous” and the decision to have such names showed how “out of control the new parents were.” “.

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“It bothers me a bit”

In the clip, Abby noted that it was a “red flag” to give a youngster a name that doesn’t already exist, saying “it couldn’t be the flex you think it is”. “I’m going to be honest with you, I kinda mind some of the names that are out there these days. So off the wall, I’m like, you know, your child is going to grow up and become an adult and potentially work in a professional setting,” Abby said. The duo also left their comments section open, where social media users blasted Liana and Connor for their decision.

The drama left Liana heartbroken as she explained that Koazy’s name isn’t “everyone’s cup of tea” and she thinks it’s “cruel” to allow people who don’t like her baby name to “tear it apart,” reported the New York Post. “People said we called him Koazy because he was comfortable in the womb. But no. It was a name we already had and as I was getting so heavily pregnant people were saying ‘he’s so comfortable in your belly,” she explained in her tear-filled video, which garnered over 6.2 million views. “It confirmed to us that’s what we should call it…we were like ‘Oh my God, it’s supposed to be’.”

“I wasn’t trying to name him for a flex”

“I wasn’t trying to give him a name for a flex,” Liana said, adding that opening up the comments section to allow others to poke fun at their baby name “really upset” her. “I knew not everyone was going to like the name, so I’m not going to sit here defending it,” she continued. “Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But it’s just different when there’s this comment section open on the video of such a big influencer of people, grown adults, just sitting there slandering my baby’s name. I think that’s pretty cruel – and if I had posted this video personally, I think I would have been very aware of who was being named and how it might affect other people.

Ever since Liana posted her video online, her followers have urged her not to listen to the critics as they reassured her that Koazy is a “sweet” name. “All that matters is that you and your partner love that name! commented new mother Molly Mae. “Koazy is such a sweet name, DON’T listen to them,” a second user said as another user asserted. “You just said adult adults. If they can’t be adults and respect your child’s name, they aren’t worth the attention!!”

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