‘I think she finally won’: Fans melt over Travis Kelce’s statement about dating an icon like Taylor Swift

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce recently opened up about his relationship with global pop sensation Taylor Swift, leaving fans in awe of his candid and supportive remarks.

In an interview with the WSJ, Kelce shared his perspective on dating someone with the level of fame and scrutiny that Swift experiences on a daily basis.

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (Instagram/ @voguemagazine)
Travis Kelce expressed his admiration for Taylor Swift’s ability to constantly handle the spotlight (@voguemagazine/Instagram)

Travis Kelce admires Taylor Swift’s grace under pressure

Kelce expressed admiration for Swift’s ability to handle the constant attention and spotlight.

“Obviously, I’ve never dated anyone with that kind of aura… I’ve never experienced that. But at the same time, I’m not running from any of that,” Kelce said.

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The NFL star acknowledged the intense scrutiny Swift faces, describing the constant presence of paparazzi at every turn in her life.

“The scrutiny she goes through, the extent to which she carries a magnifying glass with her, every day, the paparazzi outside her house, in front of every restaurant she goes to, after every flight she gets off, and she lives, enjoys the life,” Kelce said. .

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In a heartfelt moment, Kelce stressed the importance of showing solidarity and not letting outside pressures affect their relationship. “When she acts like that, I better not be the one who acts strange,” he added.

Kelce’s comments reflect a true understanding of the unique challenges that come with meeting a global icon like Swift and her commitment to maintaining a sense of normalcy in their relationship.

Fans applaud Travis Kelce’s favorable stance on dating Taylor Swift

Fans took to social media to express their admiration for Kelce’s supportive stance, with many applauding her mature and understanding approach to dating someone of Swift’s stature.

One user tweeted: “OMG Travis, you won it.”

Another added: “I love his self-awareness. He seems good for Taylor. Good for him!”

OMG Travis you won it 😭 pic.twitter.com/N43idqOHXY

— d 💌 (@vampireswiftt) November 20, 2023

I like his self-awareness. It looks good for Taylor. Good for him!

— ladidai 📲 gems linked in bio (@ladidaix) November 20, 2023

While one user claimed: “He talks about her so much, he’s so proud and he’s her biggest fan. Even though Taylor hasn’t said a word,” another user said: “I think She finally won.”

“When she acts like that I better not be the one acting weird” PERIOD,” read one tweet.

He talks about her so much, he’s so proud and he’s her biggest fan.
Although Taylor didn’t say a word

— Grace🌹 (@LytSkinnedGirl) November 20, 2023

I think she finally won ❤️🥲

— Shawty Bae (@PettyNickiMinaj) November 20, 2023

when she acts like that, I better not be the one who acts strange” PERIOD.

— TESLA X (@nhutyhct) November 20, 2023

“I love the way he’s approaching all of this, the fact that he’s dating Taylor and the way he thinks he should behave. Travis is so adorable for that. He stands up for her. I believe in her again. ‘love,’ one user added.

One user gushed, “They’re definitely meant for each other,” and another said, “He seems to really love her.”

I love the way he approaches all of this; the fact that he’s dating Taylor and how he thinks he should behave. Travis is so adorable for this. He defends her. I believe in love again 🥹

– Lotus 🪷 (@azn_lotus) November 20, 2023

they are truly made for each other

– JULISSA ⁴ (@ivepinkoutsold) November 20, 2023

He really seems to love it

— Callie (@CalliePhakathi) November 20, 2023

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