‘I like looking fake’: Cartel Crew’s Nicole Zavala spends $175,000 on plastic surgery to deal with BF’s murder

MIAMI, FL: Plastic surgery addict Nicole Zavala says she “loves fillers” and has no plans to stop going under the knife. The VH1 “Cartel Crew” star celebrated his 30th birthday by shelling out $20,000 for a job, fillers and more. However, the Miami-based surgery-obsessed star revealed that she uses the process to help her cope with the murder of her boyfriend.

“I’ve had a really tough year. I just lost my boyfriend to murder. I feel like that’s how I cope. I just get filled up and tattooed and pierced It makes me feel better,” Zavala explained. “I just try to be strong because it’s hard, it’s hard, it’s really hard,” the plastic surgery addict said in an interview with Truly on Friday, March 10.

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‘I love fillers. I love my lips!’

Zavala says she wants to look her best for the next decade of her life. Although her distressed family thinks the 30-something is going crazy and losing her mind. When meeting her mother, she asked Zavala, “what’s wrong with you,” The Sun reported. But Zalava thinks her “relationship with plastic surgery is actually amazing. I love fillers. I love my lips.” “I think I spent over $175,000 on plastic surgery.”

“I’m definitely addicted to plastic surgery, I like to change my appearance all the time. I like to look fake. The 30-year-old says she has no problem adding that if you don’t pay her bills or plastic surgery, she doesn’t care what people think. “I get all kinds of comments. That I look like a Bratz doll. You look like a Barbie, you look like an inflatable fish because of my lips. “When people give me negative comments, I really laugh… If you don’t like it, don’t go to my page,” Zavala said.

“I’m just trying to be strong!”

Additionally, the Reality star opened up about her relationship with her late boyfriend, Demetrious, and said the pair dated for three years and only tragically passed away five months ago. The surgery addict claims she was devastated by the loss of her boyfriend and really struggled to cope. “I miss him,” she said. “I’m just getting up and trying to feel beautiful. I was stuck at home for two months. I was just staring at the wall, you didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to do it. take.

Zavala explained her boyfriend whose name Demetrious is known as Meech to everyone and the 30-something even has a portrait of him tattooed on her arm. The tattoo reads: “Demetrius – legends live forever.” Zavala said “the grief has been very hard” and that she is in therapy every week. “It’s hard to lose someone like that. But I try and I try. I know he is with me and wants me to do good. I’m just trying to be strong.

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