‘I have a hunch’: Nia Vardalos predicts teammate John Corbett could be naked for ‘AJLT’ season 2

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: As John Corbett returns to the world of ‘Sex and the City,’ many fans are thrilled and can’t wait to see their star in the ‘And Just Like That’ series. And it’s not just fans, his former co-star Nia Vardalos also has some exciting things to say about his former on-screen partner. She anticipates the actor will reveal while playing his character of Aidan Shaw in the HBO Max revival. “He said something to me right before he went to the movies,” the ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’ star told Entertainment Tonight. “He was in really good shape. So, I feel like there’s some nudity in there. I feel like. John is vegan now, so he looks good,” he said. she declared.

Paparazzi spotted Sarah Jessica Parker and Corbett sharing a passionate kiss on the streets of New York City while filming “AJLT” Season 2 last month. Additionally, she also shared the news with Instagram posts with snaps of her and Corbett stepping into their roles. “This. is. not. A. Drill. X, SJ,” she wrote. And the official handle also shared a bit more from the shoot, captioning it, “And just like that, Carrie’s tiptoe back.”

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“He’s a supernaturally happy kind of person”

While filming the upcoming “Hocus Pocus” movie, Sarah Jessica Parker opened up about reuniting with Corbett for the series. “He’s so sweet. He’s so happy. He brings a lot of joy. He’s a supernaturally happy kind of person and he’s so excited to be back,” the 57-year-old told Extra. . SJP further excited fans by sharing that Season 2 will feature “an amazing story that [executive producer Michael Patrick King] and the writers have worked it out and I think that will be really meaningful to the audience who have a lot of affection for him.”

What to expect from John Corbett in ‘AJLT’?

John Corbett, who plays Aidan Shaw, Bradshaw’s love interest in ‘Sex and the City,’ returned to the series sequel, ‘And Just Like That,’ for Season 2. He was last seen time with the franchise filming in the 2010 film ‘Sex and the City 2’. When we last saw Carrie in ‘And Just Like That’, the SJP character was still suffering from the unexpected death of her husband, Big, in Season 1. Aidan’s return may now rekindle their newfound romance.

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