How did Canisso die? cause of death explored As Raimundos bassist dies aged 57

The latest report is that famed bassist Canisso has passed away. It is very shocking to learn of Canisso’s passing as he was not too old to pass away. But that’s how cookies sometimes crumble in life. According to reports, rock music fans woke up to this sad news on Monday morning, March 13, 2023. According to reports, the bassist of Raimundos has passed away at the age of 57. He had left too soon. Who confirmed Canisso’s death and what was the cause of his death? There must be questions prevalent in your mind regarding Canisso’s death. If so, stay on this page and retrieve the information. We also mentioned the wake of Canisso. Please swipe the page down and take a look below.


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Reason for Canisso’s death

As mentioned, Canisso died at the age of 57 and his cause of death has become one of the most discussed aspects. Many scour articles on the web to find out what happened to Raimundo bassist Canisso. But Raimundo manager Denis Porto, who disclosed Canisso’s passing, did not reveal the cause of his death. He kept this information secret. Thus, the immediate cause of Canisso’s death cannot be explained at this time. Slide the page down and discover the wake of Canisso.

A vigil for Canisso will be organized on Wednesday March 15, 2023, it will start at 10 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. The venue for the ceremony is Ginasia Jose Correa located in Barueri at 1000 Guilherme P. Guglielmo Avenue in San Paulo. Let’s talk about Canisso’s personal life. His real name was Jise Henrique Campos Pereira but he was affectionately known as Canisso. He was from San Paulo where he was born on December 9, 1965. Scroll down and read more details.

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After finding out about Canisso’s disappearance, Marcelo D2 took to his Twitter handle and wrote: “I met Canisso in 1993 in Baixo Gávea and we became friends the first night and we fought the first night too…I I feel like I lost a brother on the road, my condolences to all the Raimundos boys”. And another person wrote to Canisso’s daughter posted on her Instagram page that her dad couldn’t resist an accident at home! My sincere condolences to the family! Canisso was 57 years old! And he was the bass player of Raimundos! Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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