How did Amit Bordia die? Singapore banker’s pre-death illness explained

There are many people who have established their names very well in their respective fields and that is why any sad news about them comes before it becomes world news. This time too, colleagues and friends are quite depressed after hearing the news of Amit Bordia’s passing and this news sent a shock wave through their lives. Although this name is new for most of you, this personality is very popular in the financial sector and he offered his services in Singapore. He was a seasoned banker and a famous figure in the financial industry and now many people are mourning his passing.

Amit Bordia

Cause of death of Amit Bordia

He was a prominent figure in the banking industry in Singapore and was widely respected for his expertise in the financial sector. The unfortunate and sudden demise has left a void in the industry and many people want to know the cause of his sudden departure. He was famous for his in-depth knowledge of the banking industry and financial markets and his ability to identify and capitalize on emerging trends. The report says he was undergoing treatment for his illness, but his cancer had also spread to his lungs and liver.

Amit Bordia

He breathed his last on Sunday March 5, 2023 and at the time of his death he was 48 years old. According to a source close to his family, the deceased had been suffering from cancer for some time before his death. However, it is not known what stage his cancer was in, but the infection spread to his liver and lungs, leading to his unfortunate death. The news of his disappearance stunned his friends and colleagues who were unaware of the seriousness of his illness. he was an important figure in the banking sector in Singapore.

Amit Bordia

The report states that he had a fine and long career in the banking and financial sector. He had spent more than 20 years and held many senior positions in many banks. After his sudden departure, he left behind his wife Nandini Bordia and 2 children. Like any family man, his family has always been his first priority and now his passing is the most terrible thing that has happened in their lives that can never be undone. Apart from that, his wife, Nandini is a famous designer and artist based in Singapore. The duo have been married for over 2 decades and had a strong and loving relationship. His children Rhea and Arjun were both studying in other countries and at the time of their father’s death, they were not in Singapore.

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