‘Horrible ordeal’: Woman nearly died after botched weight loss surgery that turned her organs into ‘concrete’

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND: A woman who wanted a gastric sleeve procedure to help her lose weight fought for her life with her stomach ‘like concrete’ straight after the operation. Pinky Jolley, 45, who weighed 249 pounds, traveled to Istanbul, Turkey to undergo weight loss surgery in November 2022.

The diabetic woman, who wore a size 24 dress, had been advised by British specialists to lose weight. The weight gain was the result of serious medical issues that confined her to a wheelchair. Jolley, who is currently unemployed, quickly raised $2,100 on GoFundMe for travel, accommodation and surgery.

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Pinky Jolley has been tube fed since November

When doctors at the Turkish facility “barely spoke English”, Jolley began to worry. She decided to have surgery, which removed 85% of her stomach, because she believed she had to. After the two-hour procedure, she experienced many side effects, including severe stomach pain, vomiting, and dehydration. Just four days later, Jolley returned to the UK, where her local doctor recommended she go to hospital immediately, 7News reports.

To save his life, three surgeons had to “hose off” the inside of his stomach. After battling sepsis in hospital for over a month, Jolley was finally able to return home. Since November, she has been dependent on a feeding tube because she cannot eat solid food without risking the infection spreading to her stomach.

“I just want to be good again”

“I feel misled and upset that something that was supposed to help me caused me so much pain,” said Jolley, who is now a size 18. “I lost (25kg) in four weeks because my stomach is very small. I wanted to lose (50 kg) in two years. I had to have a feeding tube to help me, but everything is so painful. After nearly dying, I just wish I never had a gastric sleeve. They totally botched the operation and left my insides so infected they were all hard and like concrete, the doctors said. It’s been a horrible ordeal, I just want to be good again. Looking back, it was so cheap that I really should have thought twice about it, but I was so carried away.”

After four years of seeking treatment for her weight issues, Jolley said she decided to start a campaign to raise money for a gastric sleeve procedure with the help of her husband and full-time caregiver, Paul Jolley. , 43 years. could finally do something about my weight that I had waited four years to sort out,” she said. I had so much support from people after raising the money. I wanted to start right away.

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