High school brawl escalates into 200-person brawl involving student, parents and police

BATON ROUGE, LOUSIANA: A terrifying 200-person brawl between students, parents and police broke out at a Louisiana high school Wednesday morning, March 9. As hundreds of people – including relatives – rushed into the melee, at least three police officers were injured and ten people were taken into custody. The moment a police officer banged a student’s head against a brick wall was caught on video during the altercation.

On other occasions, dozens of students and police were seen acting violently towards each other. Unpleasant events at the East Baton Rouge Readiness Alternative School, which accepts children who have previously been suspended or expelled from other schools in the district, are still under investigation by authorities.

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‘Immediate action’

In response to the widely shared video, the NAACP released a statement demanding “immediate action” against cops seen beating up students and reporting parents who took part in the fight. The group added that they had spoken with the sheriff’s office to ensure that all videos of the incident, including those captured on body cameras, would be reviewed as part of the investigation, as DailyMail reports. .

“200 students and parents are fighting”

After reports of a major campus disruption, school board security came first, according to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, shortly after 8 a.m. When they discovered the violence, which had escalated to include more than 200 students and parents fighting, authorities immediately called for help. According to local sources, a group of female students were the first target of the altercation before it quickly spread across campus.

As text messages supposedly encouraging participation were sent, parents and other outsiders apparently came to campus and joined in the massive scuffle. The rapid escalation forced law enforcement to issue an urgent call for support from all available units soon after their initial arrival to control the disorder, according to reports.

10 arrests in total

Officials reported that a Baton Rouge officer was taken to hospital with a broken hip and head lacerations during the violent altercation between the students and the officers, as reported by WISTV. Law enforcement made a total of 10 arrests, including three for the crime of violence against a police officer. Five teenagers were also arrested on suspicion of disturbing the peace, including an 18-year-old woman who was also arrested for resisting arrest and another 17-year-old woman who was arrested for disturbing the public order. public order and resisted arrest.

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