‘He’ll stop this guy under 5’: KSI coach picks Jake Paul over Andre August for Dec. 15 fight

CLEVELAND, OHIO: KSI trainer Leon Wills has predicted the winner of the Andre August and Jake Paul fight scheduled for December 15 in Orlando, Florida. He joins those who believe that Jake will reign in this long-awaited match.

Earlier this year, the YouTuber turned boxer faced Tommy Fury and lost to him, but managed to beat Nate Diaz in a match in August.

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Leon Wills believes Jake Paul will win Andre August fight

With less than a month left for the fight, IFN posted a video of Andre August’s training session on X (formerly Twitter), writing: “Some footage of Andre August on the Heavy Bag before his fight against Jake Paul.”

KSI coach Leon Wills, however, was not impressed with the film and chose to reshare the video. He bet on Jake Paul and said, “Yeah, 20 racks on Jake to stop this guy under 5.”

Yeah, 20 racks on Jake stopping this guy under 5. https://t.co/Kj60GnnV3e

– Leon Wills (@LeonWills101) November 18, 2023

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Jake has already mentioned that he is confident in his ability to win the match, but Wills will have to wait to see if his prediction comes true.

On the other hand, Logan Paul, Jake’s brother, expressed skepticism over his decision to challenge the 10-1 boxer.

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Logan Paul thinks Jake Paul fighting Andre August is not a good idea

Logan Paul isn’t sure if Jake Paul will prevail in the next battle, although others, like Leon Wills, are certain. In the latest edition of his podcast “IMPAULSIVE,” Logan expressed his concerns that Jake might be taking on more than he can handle.

“That 10-1 guy, he’s a beast, he hits hard and he’s fast,” Logan said, adding, “I understand what Jake is doing, but you gotta win because this no-name guy comes in and starts f*cking ****g. your file.”

Logan went so far as to say that losing to August could destroy everything Jake is working so hard to create, stating, “What you’re trying to build for the rest of your life…I don’t like the optics of That.”

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