“He wants all his friends to be lazy”: Internet criticizes Adin Ross for no longer following N3on on social networks

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Adin Ross recently unfollowed fellow streamer Rangesh, popularly known as N3on, on social media following a rift between them. Sources suggest the disagreement could stem from N3on’s relationship with his new girlfriend, Samantha.

N3on’s friends Ross and Harrison “HSTikkyTokky” reportedly have a dislike for his girlfriend, Samantha, as they suspect her motives. They think she might be exploiting N3on for publicity and wealth rather than actually caring for him.

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What happened between Adin Ross and N3on?

Adin Ross and N3on’s friendship has become even more strained since Ross stopped following the channel on X. Recent events have led to fluctuations in their relationship.

Ross felt disappointed when N3on didn’t attend his birthday and when he confronted N3on’s ex-girlfriend. The breakup began when N3on was streaming with his close friend, Nico “Sneako,” and introduced Samantha, his current girlfriend, into the mix.

Adin Ross helped N3on establish his career (N3ON/YouTube)
Adin Ross helped N3on establish his career (N3ON/YouTube)

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Ross’s efforts to discourage N3on from being with Sam and his attempts to expose alleged infidelity significantly damaged their friendship.

In a phone call, Ross directly confronted N3on about his relationship with Sam. He expressed concerns about Sam’s disrespectful behavior towards N3on’s friends and her potential influence over him due to his growing popularity.

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He said, “It’s not normal. You feel, bro, you feel an adrenaline rush, bro, it’s not normal. You have people around you who are yes-men, bro… What I’m saying is the part where, you know, she talks like her friends are assholes and all that stuff.”

Adin Ross no longer follows N3on 😳 ❌ pic.twitter.com/yZRPQFI1Yh

– AdinUpdate (@AdinUpdate) November 15, 2023

Internet reacts to Adin Ross’ action

Adin Ross’ recent actions, which have exacerbated already strained relations with N3on, have been criticized by the public online.

One wrote about

L Adin, he doesn’t like his friends to do better than him, he wants all his friends to be lazy, unmotivated and broke

– R3ll (@Tsukuyomi1111) November 15, 2023

Another user added: “Adin Ross and N3on) contribute absolutely nothing to society.”

Both contribute absolutely nothing to society

– ForceNBS (@ForceNBS) November 16, 2023

A third user shared an opinion claiming that Ross’ action was scripted, “Ross is writing again to get more typical neon exposure lol.”

Ross is writing scripts again to get more exposure to typical neon lol

– AdinRoss (@IsaRoss__) November 15, 2023

Harrison “HSTikkyTokky”, a close friend of Ross, publicly challenged Samantha, claiming that she had no intimate connection with N3on, furthering the pattern that N3on’s friends were “reporting” Samantha.

In response, Samantha explained her choice to be single, but Harrison criticized her for it, alleging that she was “using” N3on, particularly in relation to her OnlyFans account.

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