‘He knows what he’s doing’: ‘Superman’ alligator rips aluminum bars at Florida golf club

FLORIDA: In a gruesome moment captured on camera, a massive alligator easily tore through a recently installed metal fence at a Florida golf club. The incident, which was caught on camera earlier this week, happened just weeks after an 85-year-old woman was killed by an alligator in the Sunshine State.

The video was uploaded by a local meteorologist in Placida, a village on the Gulf Coast, and received more than a million views on Facebook and 50,000 likes on Instagram. “Watch this big guy bend the aluminum bars and cross it this week in Placida,” Matt Devitt said in his caption.

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Can alligators bend metal fences?

Speaking to Fox 35, Matt Devitt said aluminum is a light metal, which explains how the large alligator was able to break through the barrier so quickly. However, much more fragile materials are also used to build porch partitions meant to keep reptiles away from people’s yards, raising concerns about what might happen if this alligator encountered such a barrier.

“Who knew Superman was an alligator!”

Although Florida alligators are known to move more in the spring and have been sighted in the past, this alligator was looking for a more direct path. As seen in the video, the alligator has completely made its way to the other side. People who watched the terrifying video reacted quickly. One user commented, “He knows what he’s doing…he’s done it before…” Another said, “OMG I didn’t know they were that strong.” One user hilariously reacted, “He has a career as a product testing fencer ahead of him.” “Thought he was going to climb the fence,” wrote another. Another user wrote: “I never thought they would be stopped by my screens in the windows and the veranda!” One wrote: “Omg I 100% thought it was going to climb!!!” Another joked, “Who knew Superman was an alligator!”

In another incident in 2019, officials were forced to euthanize an 11-foot (3.3-meter) alligator that entered the backyard of a Miami home through a chain-link fence. Firefighters, police and representatives from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reportedly made initial attempts to secure the 600-pound (272-kilogram) reptile, the Miami Herald reports. However, the alligator preferred to take its own course. Sometimes he would get up, start moving, then come back to bed. Firefighters alerted residents of the area.

The state of Florida is home to approximately 1.3 million alligators, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife. An alligator is generally considered a danger if it is at least 4 feet long and considered a danger to humans, animals, or property. Call the Nuisance Alligator Helpline at 866-FWC-GATOR if you are concerned.

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