HAUNTED HIGHWAY: Trucker’s dash cam captures chilling ghostly image on Arizona’s ‘haunted’ highway

PHOENIX, ARIZONA: A mysterious figure on the side of a deserted road was captured by a truck driver’s dashcam as he drove down an Arizona highway. The disturbing discovery sparked a discussion about supernatural sightings in the area.

William Church was reportedly traveling Arizona State Route 87 on Saturday, March 11, when he noticed a bright flash in his dashcam. He wonders if the flashing figure was a ghost, which was spotted around 2:30 a.m. local time when he passed the 200-mile marker on the freeway, which would be between Phoenix and Payson.


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“Just Standing on the Pavement”

Church insisted there were no other cars on the road, according to Fox 10 Phoenix. He said he thought the translucent figure looked like a person “just standing on the pavement”, adding: “You can see the lines through the legs that make the figure”. The six-second clip was recorded on a Nexar dashcam, which is usually installed for security reasons.

One of Arizona’s “most dangerous roads”

It should be noted that Arizona State Route 87 is a north-south highway that measures approximately 273 miles and was built in 1927. According to the New York Post, the northern end goes to State Route 264 near Second Mesa while the south end travels to Interstate-10 near Picacho. The 96-year-old highway has seen several fatal car accidents over the years, leading some locals to believe the road is haunted. Valley Chevy dealerships in Phoenix have described State Route 87 as one of Arizona’s “most dangerous roads” due to its straight-line route that has “a lot of looping turns.”

The desert roads can get quite intense! Have you driven any of these vehicles? https://t.co/o2SPJHYmPc

— Valley Chevy Dealers (@ValleyChevy) August 23, 2017

According to Fox, a recent fatal car accident took place on the freeway near mile marker 201 in early February. It is believed to be a two-vehicle collision that resulted in the death of one person near Bush Highway, east of Fountain Hills, a town in Maricopa County. The outlet reported that the cause of the accident was unknown at the time.

“The Stuff I’ve Seen Is Crazy”

That said, many who viewed Church’s video on YouTube insisted that they had witnessed considerable supernatural activity on Arizona’s highways.

“This stretch of road north of Payson and south of Tucson is incredibly scary, especially at night. One of the cases…was from the road going south of Tucson where it was claimed they picked up a hitchhiker whose name matched someone who disappeared in the 70s,” one commented. “I saw a ghost standing next to a small drainage bridge,” claimed another, adding, “We investigated all the accidents in that area when we got home and a guy died in a car accident the day before at this place. The photo in the newspaper showed the guy in a red shirt and blue jeans. When we saw the apparition, he was wearing a red shirt and blue pants. Really weird.

Someone else replied, “I don’t think it’s glare. It’s too centralized in one place. Spooky Spooky!” Another offered, “I lived there for 8 years. There, actually, right now, visiting my family. And the stuff I’ve seen is crazy.”

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