‘Has a lower approval rating than coronavirus’: The View’s Joy Behar takes a dig at the Republican Congress

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Several fights broke out at the Capitol on Nov. 14, with tempers rising in both chambers ahead of a possible government shutdown, ABC News reported.

The next day, the hosts of “The View” debriefed on the same thing as they reacted to “tensions at the Capitol” where Joy Behar hilariously compared the Republican Congress to the coronavirus.

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Additionally, other co-hosts also expressed their views on the same topic, including Sara Haines questioning accountability and also comparing the multiple fights to a popular “Dr. Phil” meme.

Joy Behar takes a dig at the Republican Congress

Whoopi Goldberg introduced the topic of “high tensions” at the Capitol to her co-hosts: “I don’t know if the heat was too much at the Capitol yesterday or if something happened in the cafeteria yesterday, but there is There was a lot of combative language circulating during the House and Senate committees and Congressman Tim Burchett even accused Kevin McCarthy of physically assaulting him. It was quite a thing. Look at.”

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“The View” then aired a clip of Republican Tim Burchett’s interview with CNN in which he accused Kevin McCarthy of elbowing him, and in the next clip, McCarthy denied the claim. As a few more clips from the Capitol ended, “The View” hosts burst out laughing while Goldberg wore a shocked expression.

Joy Behar was the first co-host to offer her opinion on the clips aired: “This is why Congress…the Republican Congress has a lower approval rating than the coronavirus.” »

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Behar made the audience laugh and Goldberg, who after recovering from the shock, turned to Behar to show his appreciation: “That was… that was a good thing, I like that.”

Sara Haines compares Republicans to a popular meme

After a confused Whoopi Goldberg asked her co-hosts what was going on, Sara Haines commented, “Why have they all turned into ‘catch me outside’, they’re literally ready to get rid of every single d ‘between them. »

Haines added: “What I don’t understand is why Congress is never treated like a regular job, so if you want to start insulting your colleagues, you’ll probably go to HR. If you hit them on the kidney or any other place, you’ll probably get fired. When your business closes, you don’t get paid.

Sara Haines weighs in on the fighting on Capitol Hill (YouTube/The View)
Sara Haines weighs in on the fighting on Capitol Hill (YouTube/The View)

“And if you have a conflict of interest or trade secrets…fired.” You’re going to see a theme here…fired, fired, fired and that never happens in Congress. There are no consequences. They get a slap on the wrist, then they try to legislate for the country. They have an important role to play and yet they never have any problems,” Haines added.

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