From trafficking to hypersexual “freak offs”: full list of allegations made by Cassie against Diddy

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Singer and actress Cassandra Ventura, known by her stage name Cassie, has filed an explosive lawsuit against her former boyfriend and music mogul, rapper Diddy.

Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, is also known as Puff Daddy. In a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal District Court on Thursday, November 16, Ventura accused Combs of rape, physical violence and shocking “freak offs.”

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Diddy is accused of sexual violence by Cassie Ventura (Getty Images)

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Ventura, who had a decade-long relationship with the Big Boy Records founder, launched a series of accusations against Combs.

She wrote in a statement: “After years of silence and darkness,” before adding: “I am finally ready to tell my story and speak out for myself and for the benefit of other women facing violence and abuse in their lives. relationships,” according to the New York Times.

Full list of allegations against Sean Combs

Ventura said in the lawsuit that shortly after meeting Diddy in 2005, she signed a 10-year contract with his Bad Boy Records. The company released its first album in 2006.

A few years after meeting Combs, the duo began a romantic relationship.

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Although no specific amount of financial harm is mentioned in the complaint, Ventura seeks “justice for the decade of her life that Mr. Combs took from her with threats of violence, excessive drug use, physical and psychological abuse.” and sexual slavery.” according to Reuters.

Cassie Ventura accuses Sean Combs of controlling her life

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The 37-year-old singer said in the lawsuit that Combs began to take control of her life following her association with the record company.

He controlled not only her career, but also her lifestyle, including paying for her clothes, car and housing.

Ventura also said in the lawsuit that Combs also had access to his medical records. She cited one instance where she underwent an MRI for memory loss – which she allegedly suffered due to medication given to her by Combs or beatings she received from him. She alleged the MRI report went directly to Combs.

Ventura was also forced to carry Combs’ handgun for him in her purse. He also hung one of his friends from the 17th floor balcony of a hotel room.

Cassie Ventura accuses Sean Combs of supplying ‘large quantities of drugs’

The Official Girl singer accused Combs in her lawsuit of providing her with “large quantities of drugs” and encouraging her to take drugs like ecstasy and ketamine.

Sean Combs allegedly beat Cassie Ventura ‘multiple times a year’

The lawsuit says that during her association with Combs, Ventura was beaten “several times a year.” However, she was unable to report it to the police, fearing that it would “only give Mr. Combs another excuse to harm her.”

The suit cites a 2009 incident in which Combs gave her a violent beating after seeing her talking to another talent agent. He then allegedly pushed her into a car and kicked her in the face.

Combs then took her to a hotel to heal and did not allow her to go visit her parents.

The suit stated: “Ms. Ventura believed that saying ‘no’ to Mr. Combs would cost him something: his family, his friends, his career or even his life.

Although he tried to sever his association with Combs, his employees would bring her back.

The “Paradise” singer also said in the complaint that in 2012, Combs became furious after learning she was dating rapper Kid Cudi and threatened to blow up his car.

The suit states: “At this time,…Kid Cudi’s car exploded in his driveway. » This assertion was even confirmed by Cudi’s spokesperson.

Sean Combs is accused of “voyeurism” and “freak offs”

Ventura accused Combs of forcing her to have sex with prostitutes he was watching.

Ventura said she was forced “to engage in a fantasy called ‘voyeurism'” in which she was required to engage in sexual acts with male escorts that she was instructed to procure after viewing websites.

These elaborate encounters were called “freak offs” and included costumes like masquerade masks and lingerie.

Cassie Ventura accuses Sean Combs of sex trafficking

Combs allegedly gave Ventura drugs during these affairs. Additionally, the suit alleges that Combs recorded these encounters and made him watch them multiple times.

Since the sex took place in multiple cities, the “Is It You” singer was a victim of sex trafficking. She also accused Combs of sexual assault, sexual assault and violations of New York’s gender-based violence law.

Sean Combs is accused of rape by Cassie Ventura

Ventura accused Combs of raping her near the end of their relationship. In 2018, after Ventura and Combs met for dinner, he forced his way into her apartment.

There, Combs raped her despite her repeated pleas. The suit said he forced himself on her even though she “said ‘no’ repeatedly and tried to push him away.”

Although Ventura tried to leave him before, after this incident she finally broke up.

What did Sean Comb’s lawyer say?

Diddy’s attorney, Ben Brafman, released a statement rejecting all of Ventura’s accusations in the lawsuit.

The response stated: “Mr. Combs vehemently denies these offensive and scandalous allegations.

He shares: “Over the past six months, Mr. Combs has been subjected to Ms. Ventura’s persistent demand for $30 million, under threat of writing a damaging book about their relationship, which was unequivocally rejected as blatant blackmail. »

Brafman continued: “Despite withdrawing her initial threat, Ms. Ventura is now resorting to a lawsuit riddled with baseless and outrageous lies, in an attempt to tarnish Mr. Combs’ reputation and obtain payback.”

Warning: This article contains a memoir of a crime and may be triggering for some, at readers’ discretion.

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