Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro questions agent for opening fire on carjackers near Naomi Biden’s home

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: A Secret Service agent fired his gun at carjackers who were trying to break into a vehicle near Naomi Biden’s home and drew sharp criticism from across the country , including Fox News’ “The Five.”

Having already dealt closely with the crime, Judge Jeanine Pirro also explained the reasons why the officer’s decision is questionable in terms of the regulations they must follow.

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Judge Pirro says Naomi Biden’s agent was not authorized to use a gun

On November 12, three people believed to be carjackers were spotted trying to break into a government vehicle by Secret Service agents at the home of Hunter Biden’s daughter Naomi.

One of the officers then opened fire on the carjackers, but according to their statement, they failed to hit any of them.

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Pirro cited Homeland Security guidelines, which also cover the Secret Service, noting that the agent was not authorized to open fire during the incident.

“A police officer may only use deadly physical force, including a Secret Service officer, when it is objectively reasonable and that is when he or she was confronted with deadly physical force,” said the judge.

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She continued: “Now let’s assume that this Secret Service agent, since he hasn’t hit anyone and maybe hasn’t been trained to use his firearm for a while, you don’t can, in Secret Service terms, issue a warning shot only when you have a special written permit issued by the Chief of Police of that jurisdiction, who would be the Chief of Police of Maryland.

Judge Pirro condemns Secret Service agents for failing in their jobs

The judge then expressed her criticism of the entire secret service, citing other cases in which they were involved.

“Now we know that the Secret Service doesn’t necessarily follow the rules that they are required to follow. We know that they are unable to identify the fingerprints on the cocaine found in the White House. We know that they like the Bidens because they pulled out a gun that Hunter’s girlfriend left in the trash near the school.”

“It’s a joke,” she added. “This is all a joke.”

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