Former Scientologist Mitch Brisker Reveals Details About David Miscavige’s Relationship With Tom Cruise

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Mitch Brisker, former senior director and creative director of Scientology’s Golden Era Studios, was the trusted right-hand man of Scientology leader David Miscavige.

He left the church more than a year ago following an altercation between the two.

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In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Brisker shares his unique perspective on Miscavige – his personality, his “missing” wife, his infamous friendship with Tom Cruise and the opulent lifestyle of the man who, in his words , lives the life of a “super celebrity”.

Mitch Brisker was once an elite member of the Church

By his own admission, Brisker was the chief architect of Scientology propaganda for 30 years and the right-hand man of 63-year-old Miscavige.

He was once an elite member of the Church, but resigned more than a year ago due to conflicts with Miscavige and a loss of faith in the organization’s principles.

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According to Brisker, 74, Miscavige is a lonely man who likes fast vehicles, superbikes, luxury clothes and loud music.

Brisker was captured by Miscavige from the moment he met him in 1990 and described him as “very, very intense.”

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Brisker claimed that Miscavige had an obsession with working out and bodybuilding at the time, and he preferred to wear tight T-shirts to display his hard work.

Brisker quickly discovered that he was control-oriented in every facet of his life.

(Mitch Brisker/Facebook)
Mitch Brisker was once an elite member of the church (Mitch Brisker/Facebook)

Mitch Brisker called David Miscavige an ‘absolute control freak’

According to Brisker, Miscavige’s “weirdness” even extends to the way he insists that the numerous conference rooms at each Scientology center be ready for him when he arrives.

“There is no greater control freak ever born in the existence of the human race,” Brisker claimed.

“Everything that happens in Scientology, down to the soap they’re going to use on their luxury cruise ship, goes to him for approval,” he said.

Brisker added: “I mean, he spends hundreds and hundreds of hours, a lot of his week. I’ve been there, I’ve seen him, getting these CSW (Completed Staff Work) forms that are essentially a proposal for approval.”.

“He’s an absolute control freak,” he added.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - DECEMBER 14: In this photo provided by the Church of Scientology, David Mis
Mitch Brisker called David Miscavige an “absolute control freak” (Getty Images)

In fact, Brisker claimed that Miscavige was very obsessed with the material world and obtaining new possessions.

Under Miscavige’s leadership, gift-giving has become an integral part of Scientology culture. Brisker said, “He understands the power and pressure that can come with giving gifts.”

For his part, Brisker was showered with gifts worth thousands of dollars, while Miscavige stood by his side and “love bombed” him.

He remembers church members delivering and installing a television screen worth $10,000, a sound system valued at thousands of dollars and an original Norwalk juicer that cost $3,000.

David Miscavige and Tom Cruise were racing motorcycles, says Mitch Brisker

Brisker remembers Miscavige and Cruise running around the international base, being given motorcycles by Sea Org members.

“They really are like separated at birth,” he remarked. “It was almost cute to see them together. I think for Tom it’s a true friendship and almost a cult.”

However, Brisker believes that a key distinction between the two people is that Cruise possesses “a real good side”, whereas Miscavige does not have that trait.

Brisker added: “Tom Cruise is Scientology’s number one victim. I know people will disagree with me on this, but it’s like he’s living in a distorted reality. He’s fully in the matrix.”

Tom Cruise attends the world premiere of
According to Mitch Brisker, Tom Cruise is Scientology’s first victim (Getty Images)

Mitch Brisker claims to have seen Shelly Miscavige in 2008, a year after her alleged disappearance

According to Brisker, he saw Shelly Miscavige in 2008 – a year after she allegedly disappeared.

Shelly, who was once dubbed “the First Lady of Scientology” by Vanity Fair, was last seen in public in 2007. Since then, her whereabouts have been the subject of research and speculation.

Speaking for the first time with the Daily Mail, Brisker stressed: “Shelly is not missing, and she is not being held prisoner anywhere, that is my honest belief.”

It is certain that she resides in the isolated mountain town of Crestline, California, home to Scientology’s secret bunker-like facility.

Michele ‘Shelly’ Diane Miscavige was last seen in public in 2007 (Creepy Mysteries/YouTube)

Brisker believes that Miscavige treated Shelly with frightening cruelty when he sent her to Crestline, thus sending her into “exile” when he was “finished” with her.

However, he does not believe that Shelly is imprisoned against her choice and only leads a life of dedication.

Brisker added: “I think he was just done with her. He never wanted to see her again.”

“Some have speculated that she might have taken over leadership of the church. I never thought of her as anything other than a glorified social director and assistant.”

Brisker said Laurisse “Lou” Henley-Smith, the president’s executive assistant, “went up” in Shelly’s absence.

“For many years, she took care of Tom Cruise, but after Shelly left, we never saw Miscavige without Lou by his side,” Brisker said.

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