Florida woman infamous for ‘marrying her stepfather’ finally reveals her real husband

Tallahassee, Florida: A Christy, Florida woman who claimed to have married her stepfather on TikTok has finally revealed who her real husband is. The TikToker, whose handle is @ChristyWho_, shocked users earlier when she claimed to be married to her stepfather by sharing a six-second video, in which she is seen kissing him passionately.

The video reads, “Marrying my stepfather was the best decision I’ve ever made.” In the caption, she added hashtags including #marryyourmomsex and #agegap. However, she has now admitted that the whole video was just a joke and that her real love story was very different.

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What did Chrissy say in the video?

Video of Christy kissing her stepdad (ChristyWho_/TikTok)

The video caused concern and disgust among many netizens, Christie said in response. “Let’s clear some things up until story time,” he wrote in the on-screen text. “Was I ready? No, I was underage when I met him? No, did my stepfather raise me? No Are my mom and I still talking? Yes, does he have children with my mother? No,” he added. The video, posted on February 27, has received 23.4 million views and over 127,000 comments.

Who is Christie’s real husband?

Shaun Christopher Harris (R) with Christy’s husband (TikTok/@ChristyWho_)

Christie later revealed that it was her brother’s best friend Sean Christopher Harris who was now her husband. The two became very close after her brother died in a motorcycle accident. “Not as interesting as the other story, but now y’all can leave my kids and my brother alone,” she captioned her new video.

“I also wanted to prove that everyone would be upset and believe what they see on the internet these days. They went crazy when I ‘married my stepfather’ and when I posted my true story and found out that wasn’t the case. They were crazy. Actually my stepfather. Feeds on internet drama. The number of death threats I’ve received, wishing my children were born without arms or legs and they were happy my brother was dead, and they wanted to call. [child protective services] It was absolutely crazy for me,” he said, according to the New York Post.

“I became close to his best friend. We were inseparable. No one thought this would last,” Christy said in her latest video. The couple also welcomed their first daughter, Kali Shine, and son, Kash Christopher, all two named after her late brother. In another follow-up video, Christy shared screenshots of all the titles after the video went viral. The video reads, “Did I expect any reaction? Yes. Did I expect it? No!! He wrote. He is not my stepfather for those who are still confused.

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