Flight Attendant Threatens To Kick Bobbi Storm Off Plane As Grammy Nominee Refuses To Stop Singing

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In a recent incident, Grammy-nominated gospel singer Bobbi Storm found herself in a dispute with a Delta flight attendant after refusing to stop her impromptu in-flight performance for other passengers.

Videos circulating on social media show Storm, 36, attempting to entertain travelers. This prompted an airline employee to threaten to escort him off the plane.

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The Detroit-born singer was featured in the 2024 Grammy nomination for Best Gospel Album, “The Maverick Way,” by Christian group Maverick City Music.

Storm was standing in the aisle during the flight and an unimpressed flight attendant ordered him to return to his seat.

Storm shares her unconventional journey to chart topping

Responding to the attendant’s request for silence, “I’m tracing on the bulletin boards,” Storm said. The attendant said, “Can you just sit down and be quiet?”

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Despite the tension, Storm shared her origin story and Grammy nominations with the passengers.

However, some seemed worried, while others seemed to enjoy the show. Storm revealed her initial plan to treat passengers to a song as they boarded, but reconsidered her decision due to reaching “next status”.

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Tense exchange between Storm and the flight attendant

The flight attendant reappeared, asking Storm to be quiet, leading to a tense exchange. Threatened with not being allowed to continue the flight, Storm finally agreed.

However, moments later, she whispered to the other passengers, suggesting they sing softly to them in the back. Storm’s actions were criticized on social media, with some users calling them disrespectful.

“A long time ago, I sang on planes,” Storm says. “I just found out I’m up for two Grammys. It’s my first time ever, guys.”

Many travelers applauded when she said, “My name is Bobbi Storm and I’m a two-time Grammy nominee. I sing to the Lord and my song is on every platform. It’s called We Can’t Forget Him. I want to share this with you guys.”

Storm’s defense and Delta’s apology

Storm defended her behavior in a follow-up video, saying Delta apologized to her.

She expressed hope that the attendant would “learn a valuable lesson about how to treat others.”

Acknowledging Delta’s outreach, Storm urged maintaining respectful treatment of one another.

The incident sparks discussions about the balance between self-expression and consideration of others in shared spaces, sparking debates about etiquette and respect on social media.

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