Fears grow for missing sisters Daniella, 7, and Indiana, 5 as family appeals for local help

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA: South Australia Police are concerned about the well-being of two sisters who were last seen two days ago wearing clothing bearing the Minnie Mouse logo. At 11am on March 11, Daniella and Indiana, two children aged 7 and 5, were last seen at their residence in Kidman Park, West Adelaide. The girls had to be with their mother for a supervised visit which was to last approximately 4 hours.

For the children’s mother-in-law Stephanie Mende and father Brodie, the last 48 hours have been excruciating. “It’s the scariest thing a parent can go through,” Ms Mende told 9News. “It is the most worrying and worried state we have ever been in.”

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‘These two beautiful girls are my daughters’

On behalf of their father, Brodie, and the rest of their family appealed to his neighborhood to help locate the sisters. “These two beautiful girls are my daughters! We need everyone’s help and support to find Daniella and Indiana,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “If you even think you know, please contact me, Brodie or SAPOL. Everyone, please help my babies get around so we can get them home safely.” In her Facebook post, she posted various images of the sisters.

According to The Daily Mail, on the day she was reported missing, Daniella wore a long-sleeved Minnie Mouse dress and had long black hair that reached her waist. Indiana, who has long blonde hair, was dressed in pink, blue and purple sparkly leggings and a Minnie Mouse t-shirt. Police are asking anyone who sees the girls or knows their whereabouts to call them immediately.

4 children were kidnapped by a man last year in Queensland

Last year, in August 2022, four children abducted by a man from a property in central Queensland, Australia, were discovered alive. According to a police statement, the three girls aged 3, 7 and 8 and the 4-year-old boy, who had been missing for almost 24 hours, have been brought home.

Authorities say a Caucasian male named Joshua Carter, who had a visible facial tattoo of the “Joker” and a long beard, was observed driving away with the four children in a white 2005 Nissan Patrol 4WD with Queensland license plate 063BC9. While noting that they probably hadn’t traveled far because they had returned so early that morning, Inspector Draheim said it was still unclear where Joshua had taken the 4 children overnight.

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