Fans think Jimmy Kimmel revealed Guillermo del Toro’s ‘secret’ friendship as he gets candid on talk show

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Jimmy Kimmel, who is basking in the success of his Oscar presentation, recently took to his social media to reveal a “secret.” The eponymous “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host posted a short clip from the show where Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro can be seen on the talk show.

Kimmel showed a photo of del Toro, Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams doing “hobby shopping,” which resulted in del Toro sharing a lot of interesting facts. The 95th Oscar host, who recently handed out snacks to guests at the awards show, shared the clip on Instagram with the caption, “Guillermo del Toro, Steven Spielberg & @JJAbramsOfficial shopping together!”


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The “secret” triad

In the clip, snapping a photo of del Toro, Spielberg and Abrams, a visibly flabbergasted Kimmel can be seen asking the Oscar-winning “Best Animated Feature,” “What are you buying?” referring to the picture. To which the “Pinocchio” filmmaker replied that they were there to get “hobby kits” and “model kits”. When asked how the three talented directors are together, del Toro confessed: “Well, we get together once in a while on Sundays” before adding that he has a penchant for painting “mostly corpses and monsters”. He also added that Abrams “paints things like psycho house”.

Later, del Toro also joked about being in Hollywood and being around models. He said, “You go to Hollywood, you’re a great director, you’ll be surrounded by models” and added that they’re surrounded by a “skeleton” or a “tank” instead. He further added that the administrators were paying their own “stack” before complaining that Abrams still owed him $7.

“Very down to earth people”

Netizens loved the interview and shared online, “Very down to earth people. I love Guillermo too.” While another fan added, “Why do I feel like Jimmy spilled a secret?” “What a great guy,” another joked. People even hilariously tagged Abram’s daughter, singer Gracie, asking her dad to pay del Toro back the “7$”, and wrote “@gracieabrams please tell your father to repay Guillermo.”

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