Fans amused when Dwayne Johnson says he’s still considering running for president

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Hollywood sensation Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson continues to spark speculation about a possible jump into politics.

Amid talk of a possible career change, Johnson showed his prowess as a multi-faceted individual.

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He not only spoke about ongoing political discussions, but also highlighted his involvement in various philanthropic initiatives, including his fintech company, efforts at a children’s toy drive, and his contributions to relief efforts following the Maui wildfires.

Johnson’s frank take on presidential candidacy speculation

Asked about the prospects of a presidential campaign on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Dwayne Johnson responded, “It’s crazy and wild, this race for president is going to last two years and it’s never going to stop.” It’s surreal, it was incredible, it came from DC, we sat down, it’s the pole of something, it’s almost 50% of Americans supporting me in my candidacy for president, it was just crazy.”

He added: “If you’re almost at 50%, thank you, tequila for me by the way.”

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However, Johnson recognized the importance of family and the impact his wrestling career had on his eldest daughter during her childhood.

Expressing empathy for the sacrifices made due to a demanding profession, he stressed the importance of being present for his children, citing fatherhood as his top priority.

“I know what it’s like to have a job that keeps me from being a dad…It’s the most important thing to be,” Johnson said.

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Dwayne Johnson leaves fans divided

Dwayne Johnson’s recent revelation about possibly running for president has sparked waves of excitement and amusement among his fans.

Amid the buzz, one enthusiastic supporter commented on the video: “I would actually vote for him.”

One wrote: “I would be so happy if Dwayne ran for president soon…that would be awesome!!…My vote is for him.”

Another replied: “Dwayne is a decent guy, very hilarious, kind and just plain awesome!!! I’m a huge fan!!! I would definitely vote for him if he ran for president and I was in office. UNITED STATES !!!”

One commented: “I would 100% vote for him, rock is so cool, way more articulate and humble than most politicians.” »

“I would vote for him because he would be a great president in the future,” said another.

“I would 100% vote for him,” one person commented.

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