Fact check: Is Bryan Cranston dead or alive? Rumor of death debunked

Bryan Cranston reportedly died in a Facebook post. Rumors started spreading like wildfire. People were shocked after the news. Fans were discouraged after the news. It was just a death hoax. He is alive and living his life. A post on Facebook mentions that the actor is deceased.

Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston death rumor is going viral:

The post went viral overnight and people were worried about him. The message mentioned the time and date of death. The post states that the actor passed away at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, March 9, 2023. The post further mentions that he will always be remembered and asks people for condolences and well wishes. The new one was called RIP Bryan Cranston. People often fake news to get views which sometimes mislead fans.

Is Bryan Cranston alive or not?

Even though it was fake news, many believed it to be true. The rumor got even bigger when it hit Twitter as well. User ID named BigPutruck tweeted on Twitter about the beloved actor’s death. The tweet mentioned that the actor had died in the morning. The text was further followed by a black and white photo of him. We don’t have the exact reason why the user tweeted this about him. Maybe he also believed the rumor to be true and posted it as a discouraged fan.

Bryan Cranston

Instagram post by Bryan Cranston:

We want to let you know that Cranston is alive and well in his life. He is active on Instagram and posted an advertisement for Ford on March 8. He also mentioned that he and his wife were going to donate to the organization Women for Women, helping women living under oppression on this Women’s Day.


He wasn’t sick and looked completely fine. He hasn’t posted anything that shows his illness. His spokesperson and credible media would have confirmed his death by now if that was a reality. Even after posting on Instagram, the rumors aren’t erased. People still believe it’s true. This often happens with many celebrities where the death news is faked by someone. There can be many reasons behind this. Some do it for views or some do it for other purposes. So, we would like to conclude the death news as a rumor. He did not die. This is good news for fans who were worried about him.

Fans love and admire his presence. We continue to provide such updates on our website. Stay tuned for more details on your favorite celebrities.

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