‘Enjoy it while it lasts’: Gavin Newsom criticized city cleanup for Xi Jinping, but not for his own citizens

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: The 2023 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit kicked off on November 14, and among the dignitaries in attendance is Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is scheduled to meet his US counterpart Joe Biden on November 15, 2023.

Following such a large-scale international event, the city has stepped up cleaning and maintenance efforts, but many residents fear this will only be temporary.

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A few blocks from the hotel where President Biden is staying, struggling housing recipients were lining up to receive $5 in exchange for a Covid-19 nasal swab, the Daily Mail reported.

Struggling citizens say problems are not resolved

Michael Crowfoot, 58, was among those receiving housing assistance and brought his documents to get the levy and the money.

Speaking to the outlet, he said of cleaning up the city: “Here’s what it is: You polish brass and you put this ship in order and you make everything pretty for a moment. You don’t clog not the hole of the bucket. You are just put a piece of cotton in it.

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Crowfoot has had a difficult life. A former drug user, he tended bar, worked in construction and even caddyed at the elite San Francisco golf club.

“You’re not trying to fix the problem. You’re just trying to cover up the bullshit, make it pretty for TV,” he continued, adding, “They don’t want to hear what it is. ok we have to say it. They should do something other than build skate parks. That’s all they’re trying to do is make everything look pretty and like they did something.

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Sandra Case, who has lived in the city since 2019, shared Crowfoot’s opinions.

“You come here, you take a swab, twice a week you get $5. Sure, it helps us, but they’re not targeting the real issues, bro,” she said.

In early November, a new skateboard park was opened in the middle of United Nations Square by municipal authorities.

In this regard, Case said: “The real problem, look around you. The real problem is the homeless. The real problem is these babies. The real problem is these young children who are here as sex slaves. That’s the real problem. The real problem isn’t the skateparks…it’s the old people who are here. The children who are here. That’s the real problem. And people don’t even pay attention to it.”

Gavin Newsom criticized online

The governor of California was at San Francisco International Airport on the afternoon of November 14 to receive Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Posting footage of the interaction online, conservative political commentator Liz Wheeler criticized Newsom on Uyghur Muslims… But San Francisco refused to do so. do the cleaning for YOU because they hate you. Look at Newsom’s attack on commies. 🤮”

A reminder that San Francisco cleaned up the droppings, needles and criminality of Chinese communist Xi Jinping who genocided Uyghur Muslims…

But San Francisco refused to clean up for YOU because they hate you.

Watch Newsom attack for the commie. 🤮


— Liz Wheeler (@Liz_Wheeler) November 14, 2023

Many X users expressed support for Wheeler’s views, as demonstrated in the following tweets.

“Newsom only cleans for his Chinese overlords,” one user said.

Newsom only cleans for his Chinese overlords

— Han Swolo (@MichaelZen124) November 14, 2023

“You always clean the house before you sell,” one social media user said.

You always clean the house before selling.

– 🌼Donna🌼 (@my5fireflies) November 14, 2023

“Papa Ping is home!!! Clean up the poop,” one user wrote.

Papa Ping is home!!! Clean up poop

— ElWilly (@ElWillyTx) November 14, 2023

Memes such as the following have also been doing the rounds on the platform.


– Takamitsu Saigo (@TakamitsuSaigo) November 15, 2023


– ES 🇺🇸 (@Simply4Truth_) November 15, 2023

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