English teen hit with a rock and sexually assaulted near popular nightclub

BARCELONA, SPAIN: A 19-year-old boy was allegedly raped near a popular Barcelona nightclub after being hit in the head with a rock. The victim, believed to be from England, was rushed to a local hospital after being found lying in the street near the club called Input, with a head injury, cuts and bruises to his knees.

Security guards reportedly raised the alarm at 5am on Saturday March 11, just an hour after the teenager left the nightclub. She allegedly told guards she was hit in the head with a rock before she was sexually assaulted, as reported by the Mirror. The Mossos d’Esquadra, a division of the Catalan police, have launched an investigation into the case and are currently tracking down two men, whose faces were partially captured by surveillance cameras. The Input club is well known as a techno music hotspot that attracts locals and tourists alike with national and international DJs performing in front of the crowds.

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DNA evidence collected from teenager’s underwear

The victim was described as “English” by local media while being identified as “Anglo-Saxon” by others who claim police sources characterized her as a student who had spent the previous two months in Barcelona, ​​a reported The Sun. However, Catalan police have made no official comment on his nationality. Although no one has been arrested yet, detectives have collected DNA evidence from the teenager’s underwear which could be crucial in identifying the suspect.

It has been determined that the area where the victim was targeted is near the Romanesque monastery of San Miguel at the eastern end of the Poble Espanyol attraction in Barcelona. Built for the 1929 Barcelona World’s Fair, Poble Espanyol is an open-air architecture museum near the Montjuic fountains. The attraction includes 117 life-size buildings that are exact replicas of different locations in Spain, as well as a theater, restaurants, a craft workshop, and a museum of modern art.

Rapes on the rise in holiday hotspots

The horrific incident came just days after a British Airways flight attendant was allegedly raped in her hotel room in Barbados. The flight attendant is said to have been drinking with colleagues when a man she knew joined their group during the stopover on the Caribbean island. She then invited him back to her bedroom, where he raped her, according to Barbados police. Barbados police said the victim and the rapist knew each other and believed he was a British expatriate living on the island.

Earlier this week, police arrested Daniel Johnson for sexually assaulting the flight attendant. Johnson, who has yet to be formally charged, was granted £4,000 bail but was ordered to hand over his passport so he could not leave the island. “It has been an unimaginable time for the stewardess and her fellow flight attendants,” an airline source said, according to DailyMail. “What was one of the most magical parts of working for BA – going on the town in Barbados and staying in a lavish hotel – turned into a nightmare. The hostess had the courage to go to the police and to report the attack. And her colleagues have been quick to provide supporting statements as part of the ongoing investigation.”

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