Eleanor Williams: Woman’s lies about being raped by ‘Asian grooming gang’ nearly drove 3 men to suicide

CUMBRIA, ENGLAND: A court has heard a woman’s lies nearly ended the lives of three men. A few years ago, Eleanor William went viral for her rape allegations in Facebook posts, alleging she had been trafficked and sexually exploited by a group of Asian men leading a grooming gang.

The young woman accused the men of giving her drugs before they stripped her, “beat me and threw me in the middle of nowhere”, the BBC reported at the time. The 22-year-old had also shared photos of herself. injuries on social media, later revealed to have been self-inflicted by a hammer, to support his baseless accusations. Williams from Barrow-in-Furness was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years after being found guilty of lying about the March 14 rape and trafficking. One of the men accused of sexual assault by Williams was Mohammed Ramzan, who spoke in court and said, as reported by The Mirror, “I still bear the scars to this day.”


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“I have received countless death threats”

Ramzan, who is a business owner, said: “I received countless death threats on social media from people all over the world because of what they thought I was involved in. ” Another male victim of the young woman was Jordan Trengove, whose house was spray-painted with the word “rapist”.

Trengove also had to spend 73 days in a jail cell with a sex offender. But things got worse in 2020. Trengove revealed, “Things had calmed down a bit until posting on Facebook in 2020. That made it even worse for me. There were large demonstrations and marches in Barrow. The lowest point was when I tried to end my life in August 2020.” He added: “Once something was said in Barrow, because it’s such a small town, it that’s all, it’s stuck with you for the rest of your life.”

According to reports, Oliver Gardner also became Williams’ target. He even had to be hospitalized under the Mental Health Act. “It was just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This whole period of my life was totally overwhelming,” he said while adding that he had also attempted suicide.

“She continued to fabricate evidence”

In October last year, prosecutor Jonathan Sandiford KC reportedly said: “Unfortunately the fact that her lies and false allegations were exposed by the police in July 2019 did not cause her to stop. Instead, she continued to fabricate evidence to try to make her false claims that she was trafficked and sexually exploited seem true.

“The police investigated, as they were required to do, what Williams had alleged and they found none of it to be true. Police have established that her injuries were self-inflicted with a hammer which police recovered from fields near where they found her the night she did not return home,” Sandiford added. .

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