Don Lemon’s romance with fiancé Tim Malone ‘on the rocks’ after series of CNN controversies

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Don Lemon’s career at CNN is said to be on thin ice and the stress is apparently having a negative impact on his romance with fiancé Tim Malone. The 56-year-old news diva has been dating the 38-year-old realtor since 2016.

A source claimed the duo’s relationship went from Don’s prime-time solo gig to sharing the morning show with co-hosts Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow. The reporter recently courted controversy after claiming that 2024 Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley was ‘past her prime’ at the age of 51 – which did not sit well with her co-hosts and to other colleagues in the network. Now, an insider has claimed that “her relationship is on the rocks.”


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“He hates his job”

“He knows he needs to step up the care and treat and generally be nicer to be around, but it’s been tough,” the source told Radar Online, adding that Don’s transition to daytime television hasn’t improved neither his mood nor his relationship. “He hates his job and takes it out on a lot of people, including his colleagues and Tim,” they added. It should be noted that Tim wore a sour look as he walked his dogs following Don’s on-air outburst, which allegedly landed him in hot water with CNN’s top brass. However, sources have also insisted that the couple’s recent trip to Miami Beach was not to hide from the backlash but for a romantic getaway.

(L-R) Don Lemon and Tim Malone attend the Sony Pictures Classics & Cinema Society New York screening of ‘The Son’ at Crosby Street Hotel on October 24, 2022 in New York City (Arturo Holmes/Getty Images)

“There are not many things a partner can endure”

“All bad things come home with Don, and Tim has gotten it to a point, but no one thinks he’s going to put up with tantrums and neglect much longer,” an insider said. “Their friends are warning Don to work things out because there’s not a lot a partner can take.” Don’s shocking comment that women are past their prime after their “30s, maybe 40s” isn’t the only controversy he’s courted since taking the job from “CNN This Morning”. The leftist reportedly sparked an internal upheaval at CNN when he ‘yelled’ at Kaitlan, 30, for ‘cutting him off’ on their December 8 show. The tantrum reportedly happened off the air, but several staff members were “shaken” after witnessing the blunder.

Repeated explosions

Following the explosion, Kaitlan wanted to work with Don as little as possible. Radar Online previously reported how Don had a second outburst after learning that his exchange with Kaitlan made CNN’s newsletter. “Don lost his mind internally and got angry with staff members after the CNN newsletter brought to light a story about him screaming,” an insider told the outlet. . While the current boss of the network. Chris Licht, perhaps not punishing Don for his outburst on Kaitlan, the CNN anchor was forced into “formal training” after his comments about a woman’s bounty. Don finally returned to the program a few days later after “a candid and meaningful conversation” with Licht. “He agreed to participate in formal training, while continuing to listen and learn. We take this situation very seriously,” the CEO reportedly said in a memo to employees.

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