DOGFISHED! Terrified Man Tells Online Scam As Breeder Sells Him Hyena Instead Of American Bully Dog

In a hilarious twist of events, a man who goes by @infared_savage on TikTok posted his experience of being cheated on after buying a puppy online which he says is actually a hyena. In the two-minute video, which has garnered more than 3 million views, the man explains how he came across an online post from a “Bully breeder” looking to sell a supposed American Bully.

The TikToker explains that he instantly fell in love with the photos of the dog’s parents. The user explains that he was so eager to buy the pup that he even posted a bond to secure the four-legged animal. However, when the overly excited man met his new best friend, he was startled into a state of confusion. He noticed something weird about the furry friend and asked the salesman, “Did you cut off the ears or something? Are you sure it’s a dog? Does it look like a wombat? “

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The dog buyer had to wait six weeks to meet his new friend (TikTok/@infared_savage)

‘Not just any animal laugh. It was human!

The self-proclaimed “Bully breeder” started acting coy, saying, “He’s a Bully man. Got mommy and daddy in the back.” The puppy seller then showed the buyer the “parents” to sell his crate, but the puppy showed no resemblance to his parents anyway. “I look at them and I look at my pup,” the bemused buyer said of “This guy’s got all the puppies together…not puppies, orangutans-lizards-foxes all together and they’re laughing, it looks like a bunch of chatter,” he alleges on TikTok.

The dog’s laugh scared the man, making him question the decision to buy the puppy (TikTok/@infared_savage)

Despite his confusion, the dog’s owner names the dog “Nina”, trying to convince himself that “the puppy will grow up and look like” the two adult dogs he was told were his parents. However, things turned sour when the man allegedly called his new friend. “’Come here, Nina.’ This fucking dog looked at me and laughed,” he said. “I was so scared, wondering why he was laughing, and not just any animal laugh. It was human. »

The dog’s owner even mimics the dog’s laugh in the video which sounded like a hyena or Scooby-Doo. The seller relentlessly tries to dismiss the man’s concern, deciding to close his sale by alleging that the dog “will get through this phase, he’s a Bully.” The hyena-like dog “laughed loudly and bit me on the leg, hard as hell bro,” the man said. “I didn’t know dogs had crack babies. This is exactly what a baby crack dog would look like.

“This story is 10 times funnier after watching how a hyena laughs!”

Viral media made netizens laugh to tears. One user commented, “All of this made me cackle like a fucking hyena.” “This story is 10 times funnier after watching how a hyena laughs😭😭😂😂😂,” added another, according to the New York Post. Few users expressed concern for the man alleging he was suspicious. “Hyenas laugh when threatened or attacked so I would be extra careful😳,” one TikToker said. Another user wanted to know if the man bought the dog from home, saying, “Do you still have the hyena?

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