Deacon Phillippe Net Worth: Reese Weatherspoon’s Son Faces Backlash for Being a ‘Nepo Baby’

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Deacon Phillippe, the second child of Hollywood stars Reese Weatherspoon and Ryan Phillipe, has a net worth of around $5 million, according to

The New York University student is now at the center of backlash after he let TikTok star Caleb Simpson film and upload a walkthrough video of his swanky New York college apartment on November 9 .

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Simpson has celebrity status on TikTok, with 7.8 million followers watching him tour expensive homes.

Deacon Phillippe says he pays ‘West Village prices’ for his apartment

Deacon was seen on video holding an expensive bottle of Perrier water during the tour. When Simpson asked how much the place cost, the host coyly replied that he was paying “West Village prices” for the apartment.

According to Page Six, it’s obvious that operating with spacious rooms, high ceilings and a unique spiral staircase is quite expensive.

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The public was not happy with the lack of transparency the 20-year-old showed in avoiding putting a price on the stunning apartment.

“How much do you pay? The correct answer is: ask my mom and dad,” said one disappointed viewer.

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“West Village prices i.e. mom and dad pay rent,” wrote another.

Deacon Phillippe described as a “nepo baby”

In the comments section of the TikTok video, many viewers attacked Phillipe for showing off his wealthy, inherited lifestyle.

“Rich kids/nepo babies LOVE to avoid mentioning their extremely rich parents,” one viewer wrote.

Referring to Phillippe’s actor parents, another said: “Let’s not forget his mum and dad are rich celebrities. He could afford the whole place if he wanted to!”

“Occupation: nepo baby,” joked a third, while another mentioned “Baby life trust fund.”

“I’m impressed he has roommates.”

However, not everyone disparaged the budding musician.

One supporter wrote in the comments section: “Impressed he has roommates. Collect those experience points! »

“Relaxed and laid back young man!” » wrote a second user.

A third came to Phillippe’s defense, writing: “(He’s) not an ordinary student…he can get any apartment he wants.” Even though he has roommates, he seems cool.

Phillippe showed off his bedroom which doubles as a studio towards the end of the video.

“I sing and play the keyboard a little but I mostly make music on my computer,” he explained before presenting one of his projects.

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