Darius Jackson’s Brother’s Baby Mom Sarunas Clarifies Post Amid Keke Palmer Abuse Allegations

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Dominique Perry, the mother of Darius Jackson’s older brother Sarunas Jackson’s child, released a statement regarding a now-deleted meme she posted on her social media, claiming people had it badly taken.

Sarunas, who works as a writer and actor, shares a five-year-old daughter, Zen Jackson, with Perry.

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The actress recently took to her Instagram Story to share a meme from Michael Jackson’s music video, “Thriller,” where the singer can be seen laughing and enjoying a show.

She quickly faced backlash since her post came shortly after Sarunas took to X (formerly Twitter) to defend his brother Darius against Keke Palmer’s abuse allegations.

A Los Angeles County judge recently granted Palmer a temporary restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, Darius, as well as temporary sole custody of their eight-month-old son after she filed a petition, citing domestic violence.

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Dominique Perry Clarifies Her Now-Deleted Instagram Story

Dominique Perry did not apologize for sharing the meme. However, she clarified that her Instagram story was not meant to make fun of Keke Palmer and her allegations.

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“I would never make fun of ANYONE who is a victim of domestic violence, male or female. As we know, abuse comes in different definitions, silent and physical. Only people who experience such behavior truly understand the effects,” he said. writes Perry.

She added: “Women have been manipulated, abused, lied to for centuries and kept their heads down for fear of not being believed. We need to stop being afraid,” explaining that she “may not be at the highest level” of the state. her “career hasn’t been heard yet,” but people will start to hear it when she reaches that point.

Additionally, Perry and Palmer don’t seem to have any hard feelings between them as they were seen posing with other girls in a photo Perry shared on her Instagram in September.

(LR) Keke Palmer and Dominique Perry probably share a close friendship (@dominquep/Instagram)

Many people linked Perry’s meme to Sarunas’ post which called Palmer “the most disgusting, vile, abusive, manipulative person” he had ever met.

In the court filing obtained by PEOPLE Magazine, Palmer said that during their two-year relationship, from 2021 until their separation in October 2023, Darius physically assaulted her on several occasions, including “hitting and punching” her. ‘grabbing’ around the neck and destroying his personal property.

She also claimed he hit her in front of their son and emotionally abused her by “threatening to kill herself with a gun” if she left him.

Sarunas Jackson and Dominique Perry are involved in a custody battle over their daughter

Sarunas Jackson appears to have filed a motion in September to determine the parental relationship with his five-year-old daughter, Zen Jackson, whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Dominique Perry.

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According to BCKOnline, Sarunas is demanding joint legal and physical custody, but Perry opposes her plea and insists she has always been Zen’s primary caregiver. However, she recognized the need to foster a positive co-parenting relationship.

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She said she had lived primarily in Texas since their daughter was born and only traveled to California when she had booked a job. Perry also noted that Sarunas never objected to the arrangement until filing the petition, which would prevent her from moving to Texas.

A judge has yet to rule on the case.

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